Thursday, November 10, 2011


- I am tired of sugar-fasting. TIRED OF IT AND I WANT TO EAT SUGAR DAMNIT. Yeah, that's one of them. Today completes day eleven. My goal to stay off the white stuff until I start stims? In a perfect world, that's fourteen days away. I'm not even halfway through. I caught myself staring at the candy bars in the snack shack at the work kitchen today while my lunch was in the microwave. Sad. I'm hoping this is just the hard part getting past the hump and then it'll be smooth sailing. Jamima said it worked that way for her. Dear god please let this get easier.

- I am so effing antsy to start stims. Or more accurately, to get my damned period, which will mark when I'm able to start stims. I don't know if it's because I started BCPs on CD20ish, without a bleed, because there was no ovarian activity, but MAN, my ute feels ready to burst. 8 more pills. And seriously? I wouldn't be surprised if AF makes me pay for the fact that I'm trying to make it my last for a year.

- Meds arrive tomorrow. ALL of them, apparently. Unless we need refills, of course. I talked to the pharmacy today and it looks like they did order my post-transfer stuff along with everything else. So the cheapie price? Wow. Happy times.

- Our power finally came back on at 11pm last night. We forgot to turn off all the lights, so we were thrown from sleep into a VERY WELL LIT HOUSEHOLD. I think we'll do a better job at not leaving all the lights on in the house from now on ;)

- On that note, we DID manage to cut our gas/electric bill in half this month! To be fair, weather permitted us to not turn on the heat OR the a/c a single time, but still... I'm happy! That certainly won't be the case this month, as it's been flippin' frigid. Because yes, 38 degrees in the morning is frigid to this CA wuss.

- I have tomorrow off... thanks a ton, Veterans! No seriously, thank you. You are awesome. All of you who ARE, or have significant others who are members of our armed forces, you are ridiculously awesome, and I wish I could thank every single one of you.

- I have tomorrow off, thank god because I might damn well murder one of my colleagues. It's a boys club in the office. I'm the only woman who works there, aside from our admin assistant. There's lots of douche-baggery that goes on, and I don't always feel very included. Today especially. Effers.

Vomit on, folks!


  1. I think of sugar as an addiction (like caffeine). It sounds like you're in withdrawal. When I was cutting out sugar I went through withdrawal also, and now when I backslide I feel the effects very quickly (and go through withdrawal if I stop again). The good news is if you do manage to be consistent, the cravings die down significantly. You can do it!!!!!

  2. Hang in there, I swear it will get better. Right around the 2.5 week mark for me but some people say the two week mark. I know you can do it!

  3. Hey, we're in the same boat! I'm just waiting to get my period so I can start stims too. :)

  4. I'm so impressed that you have been able to keep up your sugar-fast this long during such an anxious time. That alone would be so very hard to do - but then when you're in that antsy, can't wait time frame it would be so much harder. Good for you! You can do it!!!

    It will all be here soon - hang in there!


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