Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I'm suppressed.

Had a bit of both the good and the bad this morning. Part of the good was Dr Boy being there for the visit :) With how hectic his schedule is, it's awesome that he's making the effort to go to as much as possible, even if it means getting up a whole hour earlier.

The good- I'm properly suppressed. Lots of follies on each ovary (he said 25+), all nice and small and anxiously awaiting the hard stuff. My lining was measuring about 3.5mm or maybe a wee bit thicker, so Dr S said to expect AF to arrive later today or tomorrow. I have yet to experience a single abdominal cramp, so we'll see about that. (side note: I am taunting AF HARD CORE today. I wore light khaki pants, and fancy undies. And a hot pink sweater. I am practically saying "nah nah nah nah nah, you can't catch me!" in hopes that she's as petty as I am and will show up. I use taunting whenever possible. Even with my own body.) We had a funsies back-of-the-hand blood draw, and we're going to see what my E2 is to decide whether to start stimming tomorrow or Thursday. Ack. Big, big, ack. I should hear from them in the next half hour or so.

The bad- Dr Boy had another analysis of his contribution a little bit ago. They run a more detailed SA for IVF at my clinic than they do for IUIs, with much more strict criteria for morphology and such. Dr S said that only about 25% of samples actually pass the threshold (15% morphology something-or-other) and get recommended to regular old fertilization post-retrieval. Unfortunately, Dr Boy's sample was only at 8%. So, we have a couple of choices. Go ahead and do ICSI, or retest on the day of the retrieval and decide.

We're not sure what to do. Or rather, I'm not sure what to do. I'd rather fertilize naturally, but Dr Boy just wants to take the sure bet. Obviously if the test comes back sub-par on retrieval day, we'll just ICSI and be done with it, because certainly rather get lots of fertilized eggs than not. I think we're going to table that one for now and decide later. That's a plan I can get on board with.

So... yeah! There we are. One of our last injection-free days for the next four months or so, hopefully!

Oh, and here's your daily dose of my "please-don't-look-at-my-biznass-look-at-these-instead" socks. Otherwise known as PDLAMBLATI socks. Also, I shaved my sasquatch legs today. Not for Dr Boy. For the RE.
Today's PDLAMBLATI brought to you by my SIL. I think.


  1. I love that you're taunting the lady in red though, it sounds terrifying to me! I'd be spending the day in the bathroom making sure there was no funny business going on!

    We ended up doing ICSI with IVF#1 after several borderline stats when we were IUI'ing. Though I do like the idea of both of our parts 'finding each other' I had to think about it as one less thing left to chance. Lets face it, my eggs and his sperm don't exactly have the best track record. For us, it just seems like a big 'what if' that we didn't want to face later.

    And as for HIMYM, when we finished watching it last night my words were "well, that just show just got deleted from our DVR." Effers. Literally.

    PS. Rad socks!

  2. Love your dont look at my crotch socks hahahaha So glad things are getting under way! :) Exciting.

  3. Love the socks! We're doing ICSI with our IVF since we've had 4 failed IUIs. My RE suggests adding it in with more than 3 failed IUIs. Might as well through in some extra assistance at this point. Hope AF shows soon!

  4. I LOVE the socks. I do the same thing! Do you keep a lucky pair for retrieval day?

    My lucky ones are strawberry shortcake stripes. :-)

  5. I bet the doc will just make the decision for you when the time comes. That will just make it easier for you.

    That pair of PDLAMBLATI socks are great. (Still working on a better acronym)

  6. 1. I think over this extended weekend I'm going to pack up my household and move closer to you. Sound good? Cus I mean, really, we should hang out.

    And 2. I manicure sasquatch far more often for the RE than I do for the hubs. Priorities, I tell ya.

    And ps, have you told your ov's your plan yet? They are going to be SO PISSED when they find out what you are gunna make them do! Good luck, lady!

  7. I hope AF steps up to your taunting. I'd be too chicken to do that. LOL

    For our 3rd IVF we are finally doing ICSI. In a way I wish it would have been done sooner. We don't have problems with hubby's swimmers, but rather with fertilization of the eggs. We're hoping this time will be better in terms of the amount fertilized.
    Does going with ICSI cost more? (It's the same price for me.) Make the choice that is right for you!

  8. I have the same socks. Except mine are obnoxious and bright pink.

    Check out my bloggy, I gave you an award.

  9. I laughed out loud reading about you taunting your body :) I hope it works so you can get everything started very very soon!

  10. Good luck with your upcoming cycle! I left you an award over on my blog! Come and get it.

  11. Great that you've got such a great number of follicles... FXd for your cycle and love your socks xoxo


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