Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Caviar Taste. (CD8)

This has absolutely nothing to do with my post.
Though I think she's saying "I'm glad you don't eat Le Beef"
So a couple of weeks ago, Emily commented on one of my pre-IVF posts "Have you told your ov's your plan yet? They are going to be SO PISSED when they find out what you are gunna make them do!"

Holy hell that girl was right. The cramping started Sunday night. The bloat started in earnest yesterday. I'm up 3.8 pounds. I can feel some swelling in my hands and face, kindof like when you eat a meal that has way too much salt or MSG in it. To combat all of that I'm supposed to try and eat around 100 grams of protein per day, and drown myself in water and electrolytes.

My oves have realized that I'm finally making them get up off their lazy asses and WORK DAMNIT. Their response? "Fine. You want follies? We'll GIVE you follies." I got my results from the e2 bloodwork yesterday.

2864. Wowzers. Help me, Rhonda. Come on, Eileen.

My oves have caviar taste, what can I say. When all we were spending was random $5 copays for IUIs, they laughed. "Really? That's like giving a girl a garage sale purse instead of heading to Coach. We're not putting out for that." Now that we've written the big check for IVF? They're giving up the goods. They wanted to make sure we BOUGHT the damn cow instead of getting the milk for free.

More news tomorrow when we have our u/s. I'm to hold my dose tonight at 1 unit menopur, take my ganirelix in the morning before the appt, but bring the follistim so they can decide how much to give me.

Dare I say it... I actually have hope.


  1. That cow picture is cracking me up. Yeah, this is the point where the ovaries start to get pissed. I'm pretty sure it was at that point where I was no longer worried about HOW they were going to get those little beasts out, as long as they did get them OUT!! Hang in there, you must be getting close now. I'm looking forward to comparing notes tomorrow!

  2. Wow, you're brave to be weighing yourself - lol. I've taken a break from the scale; I just don't want to know what kind of damage I've caused my waistline. I've been trying to stick to protein, but then I remember cookies don't have that much protein in them and that's what my body wants (the cookies, that is). :) Good luck at your scan!

  3. I recommend that you buy or pull out lots of stretchy pants/skirts. I lived in skirts from about day 5 of stims on. They are your friend :)

    I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you!

  4. Ya know, if your ove's would have realized a couple of months ago that the easier route would have just been to cooperate, they could have saved themselves the hassle of an IVF cycle. Serves them right. Except, majorly sucky that they are dragging you down with them.

    Hoping that tomorrow brings great news!

  5. Holy crap, your ovaries know how to party!

  6. Woohoo! Glad to hear they've woken up for you :) :)


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