Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Take THAT, ute! (CD2)

The taunting worked :) I arrived home yesterday after work and errands... and voila! Just barely, too, as the props used in the taunting were unscathed. One point JM, Zero points Ute.

See kids? Scare tactics work. And school yard bullying.

We did our first injection this morning, and our second this evening. The schedule for now is for 150 units Follistim in the mornings, and 2 vials of Menopur in the evenings. Dr Boy has been awesome and woke up at 5:30am today so he could inject me before I left for work. He rocks the IVF-spouse job. The follistim bruised. Not a fan. It didn't burn or hurt, just left a surprising bruise. The menopur hurt like a mother effer this time! Which shocked me, because I didn't find it that bad last time. I think we shot it too close to the follistim bruise. We'll fix that one tomorrow, for sure.

The plan is to do bloodwork on Saturday and evaluate things. (Did I mention my e2 from Tuesday came back at 55? Nice and suppressed. Though not as low as it could have been. Oh well.) I'll have my next ultrasound on Monday, which will be the 6th day of stims. Good times!

Also, I ended the sugar fast today, since I started stims. My breaker of choice? A pumpkin spice cookie with cinnamon frosting. It. Was. Amazing. I made it a very proud 25 days.... woohoo! It'll definitely make me think twice about the sugar I put into my body from here on out. At least for, say, the next five minutes or so.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


  1. I am still waiting on AF...every day I think "oh, here it is..." and ...NOTHING!!! This is so damn frustrating! I usually start AF during my Provera...not this's been a week since I took the last pill...ARGH!!

  2. Heck, I wish my E2 levels would be that high WHILE taking meds. Sorry to hear the Menopur burned. That's definitely the drug I'm not looking forward to. I hope it's better today. Have a happy Thanksgiving and enjoy a pumpkin cupcake :)

  3. Wow, you have so many things to be excited for - AF finally showing up, starting injections (even thought they suck), a good e2 level, AND COOKIES! Have a fabulous Thanksgiving!

  4. 25 days! That is amazing! I have never made it more than 6. Great job, and I'm glad that cookie was as delicious as you wanted it to be :) :)


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