Friday, November 25, 2011

Short and Sweet (CD4)

I've been hanging out with family since Wednesday which has been AWESOME. I am starting to get spread a bit thin though. My parents, grandma, brother, uncle, uncle's gf and her two kids, and my parents two dogs all came up to visit, some at our house, and some at the hotel. I am so thankful they're all here, but the reason they came up here? I have work. 6am to 2pm. Every. Day. So I'm kindof flippin' tired now. Really. Really. Tired.

Oh? Also? Today was our fourth day of shots. We were out at dinner at 6:30, when it was time, we headed back to the bathroom and did the deed there. How's THAT for a quickie! The menopur burns more than it used to, though we were given 27 gauge needles this time instead of the 31 gauge needles we used during our IUIs. They are DEFINITELY worse, and I highly recommend requesting the 31's. For serious. Also, the follistim is leaving little bruises. Very, very annoying.

Last, we went to see Hugo tonight, in 3-D. The first act was a bit slow, but once it got going, the movie was truly beautiful. Highly recommend, but not for kids. Too slow. But beautiful. That's not the point of mentioning that though. They had previews for some other movies coming out... one of which was the re-released Titanic in 3-D. It brought me right back to senior year of high school, when I saw the movie in the theaters THREE TIMES. And bawled my flippin' eyes out. THREE TIMES. Glutton for punishment, this one is :)  So back to the preview. Just watching it? Bawled my eyes out. Damn stims. I was quite the source of entertainment for my family today!


  1. There was a few times I had to do injections in my car or in the bathroom stall at work!!

    Lots of baby dust for a Positive cycle!!

    happy ICLW

  2. I did injections in the bathroom at the movie theatre as well. Nothing like shootin' up in public, ha.

    Can't wait to hear how things are going on Monday and can't believe you are working and entertaining. Growing follies really takes it out of you!

  3. Man, everyone seems to have a much more exciting life than I do. We only ever do shots at home, guess that's because there is nothing to do in our town in the evening. :(

    Have you seen The Muppets yet? I think we're going to see Hugo tomorrow (after my RE appt, because that's when we see our movies so we get the matinee price). We saw Puss in Boots on Friday - also recommended. Today I wasn't feeling too great so we missed our post-RE movie viewing.

    I can't wait to hear how things progress for you!


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