Wednesday, November 9, 2011


We don't haz it.

Instead, we haz candles. And blankets for the chill. And blogging from my cell.


In more important news, we ordered our IVF meds today! They arrive on Friday, so we can take them to our injection training Monday morning. Two pluses:

1. The clinic sent in some coupons that took $400 off the bill. Score!

2. The bill was $1K less than the estimate! Double score!

I'm sure we're going to end up outlaying more, as they were conservative with the quantities. That's always nice. Plus, this doesn't include the meds needed post-transfer. Those are a steroid, an estrogen of some sort, and the ever-exciting PIO. Estimate for that isn't bad at all.

One more step closer! And only 9 more BCPs.

The wait is killing me, but I'm sure it'll sneak up fast!


  1. Hope your power is restored soon... and that your meds arrive safely :) Great that they were cheaper than you expected :)) Bonus xoxo

  2. Ugh no power sucks! Very exciting though that you ordered your meds!!! :) Hope you get power back soon!

  3. Hope you have power soon. Score on getting the meds for cheaper though...I mean, really, how often does that happen.

  4. Hope you get your power back soon! In the meantime enjoy the disconnect! Have some fondue or something! Mmmmm.... Cheese.... :-)

  5. Sadness on the no power - hope it comes back soon. I'm getting so excited for you to start your cycle :) Glad you got a bit of a break, price-wise.

  6. NO power? Wow, we were fine in our neck of the woods. Weird. So excited for you to get started!


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