Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Because the picture before didn't do it justice...

So this is what's needed for the antagonist protocol, eh? (click to zoom)

I took a photo on my phone when they all arrived, but it definitely didn't do the hoard of meds justice. So, in all its glory, I present you with the obligatory IVF medication photo.

1. Follistim pen
2. Ganirelex (5 doses)
3. Follistim vials (900ml and a 600ml)
4. Antibiotics for retrieval
5. Lupron trigger... in a vial in the bottle
6. Valium for transfer
7. Estrace
8. Steroids for retrieval/transfer
9. Menopur and q-caps, 14 vials
10. PIO (sesame), enough for about 30 doses
11. Needles for drawing and administering PIO
12. Needles for administering menopur
13. Needles for administering the lupron trigger
14. birth control, ALMOST DONE!!!
15. Alcohol swabs
16. TWO sharps containers.

The only things that are missing are some gauze for any bleeding shots, and a small dose of HCG to be administered on retrieval day. The theory is that it'll help my lining to stay thick, and do something or other to mitigate any OHSS I may develop.

Seeing it all laid out like that? Holy cow. At least with the antagonist protocol, there aren't additional lupron shots to be given at the end of the BCP phase, so I can honestly say that this ISN'T as bad as most!


  1. Yeah, holy crap is right! I haven't got my antibiotics or stuff for ER/ ET yet and my bathroom counter is already almost full. The madness begins..... :)

  2. That is intense!! I walked passed all my med this morning and it gave me the chills!! I start my med tomorrow!

  3. Every time I open the 'drug drawer' I kind of shudder knowing that most of it has to be injected into my body at some point- ick!

  4. Wow, that's a lot to keep track of. If I were you, I'd be leaving it out on the table and keeping the list you made above just to keep track of it all.

  5. WOW... what a collection !! That looks very impressive :)) Hope it all leads to a gorgeous bub/s :)) xoxo

  6. man. that photo brings me back. i remember taking it and showing my mom, her jaw immediately hit the floor. wishing you luck on your IVF journey.

  7. I am your newest follower and I too am TTC. I wish you all the luck with your TTC adventure.


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