Monday, April 2, 2012

Off the pill

Or the birth control pills, anyways. Our last day was on Friday, so we're not just waiting for AF to arrive some time tomorrow or Wednesday, if my track record holds. I certainly won't complain when things do start rolling, because according to our u/s a week ago, my lining (after one week of BC, mind you) was already at a 6.5mm. Fairly certain we just didn't completely empty out once the chemical ended. Now *that's* a great mental image, huh?

Here's the calendar I promised last week... lupron-less and lovely.

I heart color coordinating!*
(click to zoom)

I may be done with the pill, and avoiding lupron like the plague, but I'm still on plenty of other fancies, of course. We're doing a course of doxycycline to prep for the saline sono I'll (hopefully**) get at the end of the week. That shiz makes me SOOOO naseous. If I don't get a substantial amount in me fore breakfast, the morning one makes me want to vom. So far, a single nutragrain bar is not enough, nor is a single nutragrain bar plus a cup of yogurt. Two donuts, however, are perfect. Damnit.

A recent IRL friend with IVF success let me know the course of vitamins and such that a clinic she had a consult with recommended. This was the formula that worked (after multiple failed fresh cycles and FETs) for her this time around (as well as the meds I normally take) so I thought what the heck! Can't hurt!

AM- Synthroid
         Doxycycline (after the 1-hr wait to eat, and eating)

NOON- Metformin
               Fish Oil

PM- Doxycycline
        Prenatal with > 4000 IU Vitamin A
        Baby Aspirin
        800mg Folic Acid
        Fish Oil

If *that* isn't fun, then I don't know what is! At least I get to scratch the two doxy's off the list after tomorrow, and regain my naseau free mornings.

At least until this FET words, damnit. And then I will relish in the vomit-inducing awesomeness of pregnancy.
PDLAMBLATI from last Monday's appt.
Aside: why do ankle socks give me cankles? Discuss.

*Anyone want me to prettify their calendar? It's like crack to me.

**I may not be able to get the darned saline sono as previously requested. My RE "doesn't like to do them during the same cycle as the transfer", so we may avoid this time around. I'm pissed because he KNEW that I wanted it, and waited until it was too late (lining too thick even w bcp) to do one pre-transfer cycle. I don't think it was done intentionally, just more of a forgetful afterthought that frustrates me. He said he'll take a good look at the ute this week when I'm wanded to see if he thinks it's necessary. To which I still say that if you could SEE if it was necessary on a wanding, saline sono's wouldn't be done in the first place! Arg.


  1. Uuuugh I wish I was Lupron-less! :) Congrats on the new cycle. I'm crossing my fingers and toes for you.

  2. Hooray for no Lupron.... That stuff makes a person CRAZY!! Sending all kinds of luck your way :)


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