Monday, April 16, 2012

Thick like...


...sliced bread?

...a good roux?

...uhhh... a fantastic uterine environment that makes you want to snuggle in for 9 months?

Yeah, I don't know. But forgive the lapse in good metaphors, because I'm busy being happy that my uterine lining came looked fantastic at our ultrasound this morning. We're exactly one week out from FET numero dos, and already things are going so much better than last time! In February, my lining never climbed higher than 7.9mm, and actually thinned out a little before transfer. This time, we're already at 9.3mm! Yowzers!

We joked that my ute was thanking us for giving her such a nice saline bath last week... a girl like's to feel clean and pretty, you know? She likes her spa days! My trilaminar pattern really did look textbook perfect. Way better than it did last time, and better than with our fresh cycle in Dec.

I had a bad dream that at the u/s, the were hundreds of mature follies apparent on my oves, and that the RE was mad that I didn't agree to using lupron this cycle. Oooops. In reality, everything's still nice and quiet, and the decision hasn't come back to bite us in the ass (or sub-cutaneously, as you will).

Dr S even went as far as to say that we looked good enough to skip our final check on Friday, but I doubt we'll forgo that. I may not be the biggest fan of wandy mc vajercam, but I would just not feel right if this doesn't work, and wonder if there was something that we could have caught. No sir-ee-bob, we're going for one last date.

Dare I say it? I may actually have a hint of optimism this time around... for now...
Slightly boring PDLAMBLATI, but better than nothing!


  1. Awesome news all around! And it seems like your sock drawer could totally kick my sock drawer's ass, even on a bad day. Do you know what I'm wearing right now? The one-size-fits-all socks with the gummy soles they give you in the hospital. That is literally as fancy as my socks get, so I think you're doing pretty well!

  2. That's a fantastic number!! Only going to get thicker too. Congrats!!

  3. Wonderful news :)) Great that it's all looking so good for your transfer next week... FXd and thinking of you xo

  4. Sounds like you are set! Good luck!!

  5. Good to hear things are looking so good! Wishing you lots of luck this cycle!

  6. Great news. Good Luck next week with the transfer. I'll be waiting for the updates!

  7. That is wonderful news! I am so glad we are so close with our transfers. It will make that miserable tww a little more bareable.

    Good luck!!

  8. Everything is sounding great! Exciting!

  9. I'm new to your blog but would like to wish you alot of luck with your journey from here onwards.

  10. Hey, cycle buddy! I LOVE your hint of's inspiring. Send some my way, why don't cha? I'm hoping we both get our BFPs!!!

  11. wow, what a great lining! i hope those embies snuggle right in and decide to stay a while! good luck! i know you're now in the middle of a 2ww, those are the hardest times to get through EVER. i hope it goes by really really fast!


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