Thursday, April 19, 2012

A few of good laughs

...just to brighten your day.

First off, Mrs Green Grass, from The Baby Making Merry Go Round, translated a Shakespeare piece, explaining how, simply put, Shakespeare Hates Infertiles. Check it out. Hilarious.

Second off, do any of you have cats? I do. Two, in fact. They are adorbs. Sometimes. Like this time:
Ellie on the left, Vesta on the right
Other times, they're just funny. Vesta has always had a yen for weird plastic things. I don't know what the chemical in it is, but she really goes apeshit and rubs and drools and generally goes down on certain plastic-y products around the house. It started with a mini toolkit I got from Target in college. To this day she drools all over it when it's left out. Another time it was a random plastic box, and another she had a fling with my crocks. Last night, I left my Reef sandals out in the bathroom overnight, and woke up to drool puddles in the dent where my heel goes. Dr Boy was able to get a video of her doing it the other night, and it is just hilarious.

Do any of your felines have a crush on inanimate objects in your home? Do they obsessive compulsively mark them? Or is our V just off her rocker?

And finally, just today, someone googled "vaginal farts and progesterone inserts" to get to my blog. I assure you, never have I ever typed those words before. Even today. I copied and pasted. So there.

What are your funniest google search redirects?


  1. Aren't all cats off their rockers in one delightful way or another? :)

    Sadly, the searches that bring people to my blog aren't very interesting. The strangest one was "flintstone boat." I think I need to put more strange, random shit in my blog.

  2. My cat goes apeshit for rubber bands. He can spot one on the kitchen counter from across the room and will stalk it until you leave the room at which point he jumps up on the counter, steals the rubber band and then proceeds to EAT it. We try to keep them away from him because who knows what rubber bands do to cat digestion?! But it's hilarious when he spots one and you have no idea that it's even there!

  3. Thanks for the shout out! I had fun writing that one : )

  4. I have 2 cats that REALLY dislike each other. For like, 10 years they have disliked each other. It's laughable now! One is nuts for plastic bags and rubber bands, the other loves the little plastic rings that come off of milk jugs. LOL

  5. It's so good to know my cat isn't the only crazy one. Our cat is obsessed with carrots. He will run after us trying to bite the grocery bag with the carrots in it on the way to the kitchen. He immediately climbs inside and begins to pur and rub himself all over them. It's quite the love affair.

  6. Hahaha about the search words! I'm sometimes very bewildered by how people find my blog.

    I have one cat and is obsessed with biting metal. Wall vents, scissors, metal pens... I'm not sure if he is just a weirdo or if that points to some kind of vitamin deficiency? :)

  7. My search terms are pretty benign. The most interesting is "intramuscular butt shot". Time to start stringing together random words in order to make things more fun over there...

  8. LOLOL...I had a cat while growing up...she adopted us...the lady just walked in and stayed! We never named her, but she was always there...

    I burst out laughing at your search term. My current blog is deselected for searchability on Google Listings, but my previous one used to be hit by the crazies. One such term was - vagina foto search of ladies of India. Seriously! Ugh!

  9. Hi from ICLW! I love cats! Especially ones with quirky personalities and, um...fetishes;)
    My fave google search terms were "how looks sperm" " touch bald head" and "chef hats desperate housewives." :)
    I'm enjoying reading your blog so far... Congrats on the excellent lining!

  10. Hello!

    I'm a first time visitor through ICLW. Somebody got to my blog through the phrase 'May I take my speech today?' which I thought was rather odd, considering that I blog about my experience of dealing with the death of online friends, and like you, have never typed those exact words into a post.

    Best wishes,


  11. Hi from ICLW! I've got no good google analytics for you, apparently no one has found my blog that way!

    but, my cat is obsessed with nerf darts. nerf darts are better than catnip for her, she LOVES them.

  12. We do not have cats (both DH and I are allergic), but I definitely think they are adorable and your two look so snuggly! And that is really funny about your google search results!

    Best of luck to you!

    ICLW #95

  13. Hello from ICLW - your blog is so cute!!!! What a joy pets are!!! Best wishes to you on your journey to conceive!


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