Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Ute? Still Cute.

We went ahead and had a saline sono yesterday. But let me back up to last Friday. It was effectively CD 1.5 by that time, and AF was in FULL effect with some serious cramping going on. When Dr S did the u/s (which is nasty pants that early in the cycle, right?) he noticed a little bit of irregularity in my ute, but it could easily be attributed to my lining being shed. We decided to do an additional u/s on Tuesday (yesterday), and decide at that point whether to throw some saline into the mix.

Fast forward to yesterday, and we decided to go ahead with it. There was still a wee bit of irregularities seen on the regular u/s, and my cycle ended early Monday. Turns out my ute is still super duper cute, no issues, just awesomely perfect looking lining. He spent plenty of time going through the ute and showing me where everything is (cervix, fallopian tube openings, air bubbles from the saline, etc). Pretty cool! Turns out my ute is smooth and a seemingly perfect implanty space. Score one for us!

He did find a small polyp on my cervix though, measuring 3mm. Pretty darned close to the opening, and pretty darned small, so we're not worried about it posing a threat to anything. It's way too far away from where the embies would be deposited.

I've had some seriously fierce cramping though, since yesterday. Way more than I did for my first saline sono back in Nov. Way more. Today it feels like my vageegee is bruised beyond any measure, and my ute did backflips all night. If I twist at all funny I end up with uterine spasms, still, 24-hrs later. All I want to do today is curl into a ball and sleep. It's frustrating, but we still have 12 days to transfer for my body to recover.

So for now, we'll focus on the positive- my womb is friendly, and is just getting a pre-marathon workout. Right?


You know what also made me cranky today? Someone threw away the lunch I had put in the work fridge this morning. For serious??? They thought it felt "hard" (leftover subway sandwich) so they tossed it. Mother effers. Mother effing effers.


  1. Yay for a cute ute ready for embies!!!!

  2. Good news (minus the lunch tossing)!! Hopefully the cramps subside soon and this cycle gets underway very soon!

  3. Congrats on your awesome uterus! It sounds like a great place to hang out for 9 months. :)

    I would be very stabby if someone threw my lunch away. Very, very stabby. My husband ate my leftover pizza the other day (which I was saving for lunch) and for about an hour I seriously thought about leaving him.

  4. Just stopping by to say Hi and see how you are doing. Throwing away lunch, that is serious material for considering a beat down. Of course, that's probably my dexamethasone talking, the stuff that also makes me eat 2 of every meal a day for the last week.

    Hope things are good with you!

  5. Good luck!! I'm glad everything looks good, but boo to the cramps. That sucks someone threw your lunch out! I may have lost it over that.

  6. Now let's get that ute good and knocked up!


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