Saturday, April 14, 2012

Berry or Blue?

So Project Less Fatass-ness is in effect.


Or rather, it will be once we are through with this FET and back from vacation. So really, it'll fully be in effect in just under a month.

To prepare, I'm buying a bicycle. Also, I think my residency card for the town I live in will be revoked if I don't purchase a bicycle soon. And even more also, Dr Boy "bought" me a bike for my birthday... 13 months ago... so it's high time I finally pick one out! (this year's "purchase" was a ski jacket, which I'm fairly certain will wait until at least Dec)

Which I did, but it's not in stock, and I need to order it on Monday to get the sale price. What color though???

Or Blue?

I'm leaning towards Berry (it'll show less dirt, I won't get tired of it). But blue is fun too! Decisions, decisions... 

(For you bike savvy folks, it's the Trek 7.2 FX)

(Thank you, Trek, for your images)


  1. I like the berry one. You should go with Specialized though. That brand is our family's choice of road bike. :)

  2. I like the Berry, also. Very stylish!

    1. BTW: I've tagged you on my blog. Stop over if you're interested.

  3. I sorta like the blue? I like lighter-colored bikes for whatever reason. Mine is cream and green, but it's a cruiser. Hooray for bikes!

  4. I like the blue :) Congrats on the bike!

    I'm so annoyed with DH because I bought him a bike used (a very, very pricey bike new - incredible deal) and he hasn't touched it since. Grr!


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