Saturday, December 3, 2011

My Oves Like the Dramaz. (CD12)

I knew I should have been worried that things were running too smoothly.

PDLAMBLATI for the day. Hot DAMN I love these socks from Emily. 
Also? I swear I don't have cankles even though it looks like it.
I forgive them for not being super lucky today.

Rewind to yesterday. Had my am appt with wandy and the blood draw. Things looked fine on the ultrasound. Righty was continuing to dominate the party, and lefty a few mm behind. Not bad though. On the right, we had around 25 large follies, the largest being 18.6, 18.5, 18.0, and 18.0. Lefty had around 20 large ones, with sizes around 18.2, 17.3, 16.7, and 16.4. Based on that, Dr S gave me a 90% chance of triggering last night, but wanted to hold off the final decision to take a look at the bloodwork. He *wanted* to wait another day, to give lefty a chance to catch up, but didn't think righty would wait. My bloodwork came back with an e2 of 4228, and a progesterone of 0.5. Based on that, we decided to wait one more day. We took no pm stim shot, and were to hold off on the morning follistim until Dr S could take a look at the oves.

Fast forward to today. We go in for the u/s this morning, and it would appear that righty has totally stopped growing- in fact, the largest seemed like they even lost a little ground. Sizes were 19.3, 19.2, 18.7, and 17.3. Lefty follicles did grow a bit, sized 20.0, 19.6, 18.9, and 18.3. We got the green light to go for the lupron trigger tonight and set a retrieval time of 7:30am Monday morning. We decided that everything was big enough, so no am dose of stims. 

Then my bloodwork came back. My e2, in 24 hours, had plummeted to 1866, and my progesterone dropped to 0.5. Not. Good. At. All. No, no, no. The nurse called around 3pm and told me to take a 150 unit dose of Follistim ASAP-RIGHT-NOW-PLEASE. Basically, what we think happened is that the follies on righty got tired of being the over-achieving growers, and pooped out. We probably lost some of them by going so low on stims over the last 36 hours, instead of coasting like was the goal. Lefty's continued to grow, but weren't contributing as much e2 to the party. The rescue dose of follistim this afternoon was taken to try and prevent us from losing any more follies between now and Monday morning. 

Click to enlarge. The madness that has been my stimming.

Fuckity fuck.

Dr S said he's fully confident that we'll still have plenty to retrieve, but we're probably looking at more like 10-20 instead of the 20-30+ that we were looking at before. Though there's still a fair-to-good chance that we'll continue to have follies bail the party. Effers. I liken this to a party running out of beer- some people leave, some people wait for the host to run to the gas station to pick up a few more cases. I'm hoping enough people stuck around for the reinforcements. This won't affect egg quality at all, just the amount retrieved.

There's also a chance, he said, that everyone could bail before retrieval. Eff balls. We're going to do a quick u/s Monday morning before I get set up for surgery to double check that all my follies haven't deflated. If there aren't many left, we may cancel the retrieval and start over next month. It terrified me to even type that. Dr S said that there are lots of clinics who wouldn't even bother with a retrieval if this were to happen- though he still absolutely will. Because I had so damn many mature follies yesterday, he thinks a retrieval will still be more than worth it even with losing a bunch. Still though. Fuck.

So we're triggered. And  please, please, think patient thoughts for my follies- give them the patience to hold out until more beer arrives. Please. Because I don't want to plan another party. Not any time soon. Nope. I don't.


  1. Oh my, I am absolutely praying for those little follies. I can't imagine you starting over after such a good response. Would this have happened if your doctor would have let you trigger last night instead of waiting? xoxo

  2. Hang in there, I keep telling my self we really only need on god one for a baby ! OH and I WANT THOSE socks ! Totally going to have fun socks to wear at my next IVF round !

  3. Eeeeefffff! What a mess, though I do think your doctor is right, given your response you likely will still have plenty for ER. There is also the thought that the best will prevail- when you're looking at 30 eggs the liklihood of all of them being mature/good eggs is slim, perhaps the best will be the group that wait for the beer. I'm thinking of you, kind of a stressful situation, but also one that you really can't fix... Only time(and the wand) will tell-- hang in there!

  4. Wow, I bet nobody told you about this happening when you asked about what other fun things to expect from IVF. It's such a ridiculous roller coaster, and not the fun kind at all. I hope you have some good eggies that stick around for the beer run.

    So sorry you have this added stress. I hope everything goes well with the retrieval. I'll be sending positive thoughts your way if you promise to send some back to my embryos who need to survive the ice age on Monday.

  5. Admitting I know very little about IVF BUT it's sounds to me like your doctor sorta screwed the pooch on this one? Are you feeling that way or do you think it was just bad luck? (admittedly I also like to find someone to blame). Good luck tomorrow. I for one, am unlikely to leave a party when more beer is en route. Safer to stick around and then call a cab later. :)

  6. I am so sorry you have had all these troubles. The stimming part is very much like gambling - do you stay in and risk everything and try to win it all OR do you walk away perhaps too soon? Oh, and your doctor is the card player...which is supper frustrating:( I hope you still have plenty of follies to retrieve tomorrow!!

  7. I just know you'll have plenty of good eggs at ER! Even if you had 10 good ones, that is awesome. Crossing fingers and toes!

  8. Don't be fickle, follies! Mama's bringing the beer! Fingers crossed that every one retrieved makes it to maturity!

  9. Hey Follies! Stick around, someone is showing up with a keg soon! :) Wishing you so much luck and I hope Monday's retrieval goes fantastic :)

  10. Ugh, not cool! Hope those follies wake up again.

    Coolest socks ever!!

  11. Fantastic socks! What a pain in the ass! I was so bummed when my first IVF cycle got cancelled (then was back on 6 hours later). I hope you get off the roller coaster soon. I'll be thinking about you tomorrow with my fingers crossed. I'm really hoping you'll be pleasantly surprised tomorrow and you have plenty of eggs to fertilize. Good luck!!!

  12. Well shit sacks.

    Okay, but let's think about this. If they were willing to ditch as soon as the keg ran dry, maybe they weren't very good friends in the first place? Plus, they got drunk on the cheap stuff and are going to miss all the good beer. Jokes on them.

    But, really. Eff. Hopefully tomorrow works out well and you have a whole crew of good looking follicles.

  13. I'm crossing my fingers and toes. Hoping everything works out great!!

  14. I have every appendage crossed for you.

  15. Keeping my fingers crossed for you this morning that they are still able to get lots and lots of eggs.

  16. (lovin the socks! :D )

    hang in there, with the treatment. dont lose hope.

    new to blogging, please follow.


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