Friday, December 23, 2011

Dear Santa... (and the plan)

First, I told you that all I wanted for Christmas was a positive pregnancy test, preferably my own.

I understand the confusion, as you may have overheard me telling my husband about these super cute galoshes, and my mom about a Le Creuset dutch oven, and my in-laws about some new running gear.

Totally get it.

But I probably should have been more clear. And maybe omitted the "preferably my own" part. Though you did come through! I mean, not for Dr Boy and I, but for Rebecca, and W&W, and Megan, and AMiracle, and Heather, and Jenn, and @mhamer33, and @_ttc_2003, and @EndoJourney, my cousin, and my new friend K.


Thank you for helping all of them, and the others I'm sure I'm forgetting. Each and every one of them deserves this win so, so very much. Though, I'm fairly certain that there's only three of us whom I cycled with that aren't pregnant right now. Which, to be honest, is pretty damn good stats, which is why I'm thanking you, Santa.

Do you think you might have something else in 'ya though? Or, could you contact Cupid, or St Valentine, or one of the President's we celebrate on Presidents Day?

Because we could really use a win. This time? I'm amending my request.

One positive pregnancy test, please. Definitely my own.


Good news at the RE visit yesterday. Got the usual "Sometimes the best embryos just don't stick, and the crappy ones do" speech, which I was expecting. I know there wasn't going to be any good reason why this didn't work.

We then got down to the business of our FET. Dr S is definitely on the same page as we are- getting this show on the road ASAP. As such, we're going to start BCP as soon as my period arrives, which it keeps threatening. I have totally AF cramps, to the point t where I feel like it's a repeat of the Great Toilet Paper Watch of 2011. I'm not quite to the point of tempting fate with lacy undergarments and white pants, but if we're a no-show this weekend, AF better watch out. I won last time, if you remember.

He wants me on BCP for a min of 3 weeks, at some point starting some lovely Lupron injections to keep me suppressed. I'll come off the BCP, do some u/s's to check out my lining, take some estrogen, start me some PIO-goodness, then transfer in early February, along with the rest of the patients on the Jan/Feb calendar. Bueno. Oh, yeah, and he definitely wants to transfer two again. So we don't have to have that fight later :)

If all goes well, I'll be PUPO by Valentine's Day. Though I have a ski trip planned to Breckenridge the weekend before V-Day, so we'll be planning around that. Maybe the elevation will help???

Could I ask you guys for input again? If you've had one, what did your FET med calendar look like? What kinds of meds were you taking, when, etc. If you've written a post on it, you can direct me there. I feel like all the research I did was on the fresh part of the cycle, not the frozen parts. Thanks!

I'm happy. I still have a crazy low trigger for crying, but honestly, I did before. Not this bad, but not all that abnormal either. I may or may not have cried during Top Chef last night.

Ultimately, I'm just glad to have a plan to get through the holidays, something to focus on instead of the pain and hurt that this cycle ended up as.


  1. Yay! I'm glad things are moving sooner than your nurse thought!!!! I'll be petitioning some dead presidents for you- at least they're real!!! Maybe you'll build your crying stamina up before Lupron... If not, I can't wait for the stories!!! :)

  2. Hey...I have done 3 FETs (2 successful although one ended in a M/C and 1 failed) but my protocol was basically the same for all 3. For the one that failed however my lead follicle grew quicker so I was implanted on CD 14 versus CD 18 with both my BFPs.

    I don't do any birth control (never have not even with my fresh but we have male factor infertility...but I got prego with BOTH embryos that cycle...unfortunately I lost my twins at 22 weeks).

    Anyways I always call on CD 1 and set up a screening US...they prefer the first US to be done between CD 2-5. I start a dose of gonal-F on day 5 and continue it until my lead follicle is between 16-20mm. They just want me to have 1 GOOD follicle before triggering me...this protocol is mostly "natural." Then I have typically 2 more US's (for a total of 3). Like I said I trigger once my lead follicle is between 16-20mm...for me this is normally CD14. I trigger with hcg and then have a day of NO meds. On CD 16-18 I start IM progesterone and abx...they use to have me take estrogen too but for this last cycle they said that stats shows it doesn't help. And then I am implanted 4 days after I trigger. On that morning I also take a Valium in addition to the IM prog shot and abx.

    Best of happy that you can get this baby rolling sooner rather than later!!!

  3. Oh and one more clinic does let me pick between vaginal supps of prog or the IM failed cycle I did the supp so I now choose the IM version...and have always gotten a BFP.

  4. Yes! So glad the doc is on board, go, go, go!

  5. We did one FET after our 2nd IVF and it was the lucky one for us! I started provera the day after transfer (as we froze everything due to OHSS). I was on 4mg of estrogen pills for 3 weeks once my period started. On day 1 of my next cycle I started estrogen patches (vivelle dots), working up to 4 of them every other day. I had my lining check almost 2 weeks after beginning the patches and I was cleared to begin doxy and PIO shots (2cc per night - big OUCH but it worked). A week later we transferred our little frosty! From the IVF#2 retrieval to FET#1 transfer was 7 weeks. Of course, when you win the jackpot and get pregnant you also will the grand prize of 6-8 additional weeks of PIO shots - but you won't mind so much then!!! Good luck!

  6. The offer still stands - I have two boxes of Vivelle patches (estrogen) that I've never used that don't expire until 2013. If you happen to get put on estrogen patches let me know and they are as good as yours! And I'm so, so glad that you can get going quickly!

  7. To be fair, I didn't specify a time-line with the SMF Santa. Next Santa I see, I will be more clear.


  8. *hugs* I'm so glad someone's asking Santa worked for us!! It seemed that everything I was doing didn't work. ;)

    I hope your time comes soon, getting on 3+ years is where I found the struggle to really start becoming something more and harder to handle. I was seriously getting myself ready for never becoming a mom.


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