Friday, August 26, 2011

Thought Vomit Thursday

Yes, I know it's Friday, but as Oak and Natalie have said numerous times, there are no rules to TVT! The only rule of TVT is to spew whatever's on your mind at the time, and to use bullets.

Here I go!

- My boobs started hurting yesterday, which makes me fairly certain that I ovulated on Wednesday right on schedule for the IUI. This makes me happy :) It also leads me to believe that my corpus luteum is doing what it's supposed to, becoming a little progesterone factory until something else can take over. There's hope for me yet! (all that to say i'm 2dpo)

- I'm hpt-ing until I get a solid BFN, just so I know for certain that the HCG trigger has left my bloodstream. I've done two so far, both positive. It's a little unnerving getting a BFN for the first time ever- even though I know it's a big fat lie. I don't mind wasting the tests, because we all know I'm crazy and have a zillion of them.

- My life has been forever changed by this post. Mind. Blown.

- I would really love for the stim-bloat to GO the eff AWAY. I'm still up a solid 5 pounds from the day I took my first shot, 16 days ago.

- I'm hosting a Labor Day BBQ next weekend. That means that lots of people will be in my house. Which means I should probably finish unpacking all the boxes that I've avoided for the last four months. To motivate ourselves, we decided that we'd hire a house-cleaning service to do the cleaning as long as ALL THE BOXES ARE UNPACKED. I made the appt, so I now have a LOT to do in the next week.

- I'm hosting a Labor Day BBQ next weekend. That also means I need to buy a big folding table so I can actually serve people food. I also want to make sangria, so I need a dispenser for that too. Any suggestions.

- Related, I am in need of a good sangria recipe. STAT.

That's all the vom I've got for now. If you're on the east coast, enjoy Irene! I wish I were there to experience it too.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I'm dying laughing right now! I totally clicked on that link fully expecting for my life to also be changed and my mind blown-- only to watch my own blog pop up on the screen... about toilet seat covers. I'm glad I could change your life :)

  2. I've used this recipe for's really good:

    I loved W&W's post too!!

  3. I say screw sangria and go for mojitos! Lemon mint sugar and alcohol. Never a bad combo...

  4. Hello from your newest follower :) I also have PCOS and am trying to conceive! We have been trying for over a year now and it is very frustrating :(

    I can't wait to read more of your posts and follow your journey!

    Breanna :)

  5. ::: crossing fingers ::: crossing toes ::: crossing eyes ::: Hope that BFP turns into a very REAL one... and HOW FUN!!! Labor Day BBQ's are fun!!

    Happy ICLW from # 86 <3


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