Thursday, August 11, 2011

It's ON

Like Donkey Kong.

After a bit of a mishap on Monday, this injectables cycle is in full swing. On Monday, afternoon, the third day after my last provera pill, I started to feel boaty and crampy, and called the RE office to schedule my CD1 ultrasound. I was fairly certain CD1 would begin that day, and the doc had said to call "around" cd1, so I thought it was fine. The scheduling nurse that called back was a little snarky and said she couldn't get me an appt until I started bleeding. OK fine, I'll call back in an hour. But first, she asked if I knew how much clomid we were going with this time. I told her it was for an injectables cycle, and she asked me if I had taken the class.

Say what? Class? Dr K hadn't mentioned anything about a class when we saw him a few weeks ago. He told us to watch a video online. And that when I came in for the u/s we'd get all the instruction we needed for the shots. Scheduling nurse said that without having gone to the class, the cycle was a no-go. But we were more than welcome to do clomid again. I informed her that no, clomid is about as effective (for me) as relaxing, and that we would NOT be doing that again. She said that we'd probably have to skip this cycle then.

SAY WHAT??? I am SORRY, but don't tell an infertile that they might have to SKIP a CYCLE because of a stinking seminar on how to shoot a needle into your belly. I'm married to a freakin' DOCTOR. I have a strong feeling that he KNOWS HOW TO ADMINISTER AN INJECTION. And really, mixing the menopur was explained VERY clearly on the video from the drug manufacturer.

I got off the phone with her and shot off a quick email to Dr K. I also had a good loud ugly cry in the hallway at work, then a quiet ugly cry in my cubicle. About an hour later, AF showed up, so I called the scheduling nurse back. She was much less douchey, and made an appt for my u/s on CD3 and an appt with her for my "injecting class". Which was a joke. The only thing I learned that was different from the video was... ummm... wait, I didn't learn anything different. Oh well. She actually isn't that douchey in person, I think she just didn't realize that I was married to someone quite well versed in the art of injections. (Which turns out is the reason Dr K didn't make us do the class. Phew.)

I had my u/s yesterday, which (surprise) showed my usual 15+ cysts on each ovary, and a 6.5mm lining. I have no idea what that matters at this point in the cycle, but they wrote it down so I did too :) I also requested the CD3 FSH/Estradiol tests, and had the blood drawn as soon as everything else was done.

The protocol is fairly low maintenance so far:
CD3- 2 vials menopur
CD4- 2 vials menopur
CD5- 2 vials menopur
CD6 (Sat)- 1 vial menopur + blood draw for estradiol
CD7- 1 vial menopur (unless Dr K calls and decides otherwise based on estradiol results)
CD8- 1 vial menopur
CD9 (Tues)- go in for an ultrasound and see how things need to be adjusted

Pretty easy! We did first shot last night. It is my bitch. Dr Boy mixed everything while I watched like a hawk. When it came down to the actual shooting, I couldn't decide if I wanted to watch or not. Ended up not watching while he actually stuck me, but I did watch the shooting itself. It burned a very little bit, but did feel quite uncomfortable. 1cc is a lot more fluid than I thought. We might try using a little less tonight. Very little pain after, just a weird pocket where you could tell the fluid was. I couldn't stop poking it. No bruise today, no bleeding last night.

Injectables rock star. Though doing it myself? That will be a whole 'nuther story.


  1. Geez, what a pain, but I'm glad you are off to a good start despite the rocky first steps.

  2. You could handle it. I didn't think I could do the shots in the belly myself either, but its a snap. I found that looking in the bathroom mirror made it more like giving a shot to someone else.

    Fingers crossed for you!

  3. Ugh! So glad the scheduling nurse came around. I didn't have a 'class' to attend for injectables, like you, the scheduling nurse just showed me how. After 1 ineffective round of clomid it was off to injectables for me! They really aren't too bad. And the smaller amounts with smaller needles are a breeze. It is the triggering shots that always make me pause.

    By 2 vials of menopur, do you mean just the 1 powder + 1 liquid ampules? Or do you mean 2 sets of vials, 4 glass ampules all together?

  4. Sorry it got off to such a rough start...and, my DH is NOT a doctor, but I couldn't give myself injections, so he did every single one of them. I think he secretly liked giving me shots.

  5. What an ANNOYING start to this cycle. Seriously. I would've been so upset too. I'm glad it all got sorted out in the end though, and you've started the injectables. LUCKILY, you're married to a doctor so you might not have to inject yourself at any point. I know that if C and I ever make it to these, I don't think I'll be able to handle it. Eeesh.

    Anyway- YAY for a new start. Crossing my fingers that this is IT for you guys!

  6. Hey - if it starts this bad maybe it means you got all of the bad stuff out of the way!
    Crossing all appendages!

  7. You know you can mix the 2 vials of Menopur into one injection so you only have to have one needle stick instead of two, right? Don't do less than 1cc though - hubby said it has to have that much fluid for the concentration (or something like that). My husband did all the shots for me for the first week...then he was on call (neonatalogy fellow) and I had to do it myself. After you get the hang of it, it isn't that hard but those first couple of shots I gave myself were rough....I must have sat there for a full 5min looking at my tummy, then the needle and back again. Once I got up the nerve, it really wasn't so bad - they do sting like hell though...but it goes away in a few mins. Good luck!


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