Sunday, August 7, 2011


These little guys are about an inch long, and seem to luuuurve my tomatoes. They're not tobacco hornworms or tomato hornworms, I'm pretty sure. Too small, and no horn.

What the heck are they though???????? Keep in mind I live in Cali.


This guy is so classy he's peeing in the picture

The best guess I have is tomato fruit caterpillars. Which grosses me out because now I'm afraid I'm going to eat a worm when I crack open my new beautiful fruit. And beautiful they are :)

The weather has gotten warm, and the garden is finally flourishing!

In case you were wondering, the ART I performed on the zucchinis was successful... there's hope for me yet!


  1. These are tomato worms and you do NOT want them. Get rid of them or they will eat your tomatoes.

  2. Sorry this is random. But this post reminded me of the "tommacco" episode of the simpsons. Subliminal messaging...


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