Thursday, August 18, 2011

8 shots down, how many to go?

Had my latest ultrasound on Tuesday to check out what's going down in follie-town. Despite the weight gain and bloating, not much! At least as of then. They didn't do a blood draw, deeming it unnecessary considering the fact that I only had a few follies on each side, none of which were any greater than 8mm. The ovaries looked awfully similar to how they did last time, when they were just your typical PCOS p-o-s's. You could see *some* increase in follie size, but meh. Not what I was hoping for after 6 days of shots. We're sticking with the 2 vials per injection for now to decrease the risk of over-stimming. If ONLY that were my problem.

The NP that scanned me was really upbeat about it though, saying that it's not uncommon for them to POP (I hate that term when it comes to colors and design, but I love it for my follies) after a week or so. Plus, the lovely Amaprincess over at this blog had a very successful pregnancy after her late-blooming follies for her first injectables and IUI cycle. So I know it *can* happen. Phew!

The thing that I didn't like was how she was all "Don't worry if it doesn't happen, you have a fast-track to IVF" because of Dr Boy. She also pulled the "it's not a waste because we're teaching your ovaries what to do! And they'll do it better next time!" I think that going there on day SIX is awfully premature. I don't WANT to do IVF. I don't WANT to do a second round of injectables. I WANT to get pregnant NOW. I had a good breakdown Tues night, but have since picked myself back up.

At least until my next u/s tomorrow.

Also, I gave myself the injection ALL BY MY LONESOME Monday night b/c Dr Boy had a softball game. It surprised me how much resistance there was when pushing the fluid in, but honestly, it was a piece of cake. So all in all, easy peasy. My awesome fearless friend N offered to give it to me (to get back at me for all the bitchy things I've said in the past, no doubt), but Dr Boy insisted that I don't "wuss out and take the easy way." Blah. But it went fine so he's off the hook for that one.

The bloat is pretty insane right now. I'm still sitting at just over 4 lbs of gain, but I think it stole weight from other parts of my body and redistributed it ALL IN MAH BELLEH. It's too-big-to-suck-in HUGE. I'm wearing a dress today for the comfort factor, as I wore pants that nearly busted open of their own accord yesterday. I walked down to Subway to grab lunch today, and noticed that in my reflection in a passing storefront I seriously look knocked up in this. Like, 5 months or so, right before the belly gets round. The "is she fat or pregnant" phase of pregnancy.

If only. Though I have to say, I like the way I look with a pregnant belly. Not enough to keep it without the baby inside though.

I'll let 'ya all know how it goes tomorrow... hopefully I'll be triggering soon like Lauren! Wish her some luck!


  1. I keep being tempted to stick a pillow under my shirt - just to see what I would look like, but can't bring myself to do it. At least you get the little perk of a preview for all of your trouble. :-)
    Crossing my fingers for you for some nice late bloomers!

  2. I had to go out and buy extra dresses and stretchy skirts during stims! Sadly I Hyper-Stimmed so I still can't wear my regular pants! But its all worth it. I started off pretty slowly too so don't worry!

  3. I'm so hoping for those follies to pop any time now- hopefully by tomorrow's u/s. And go you for injecting yourself. If I make it to the injection rounds of IF, I don't know that I'll ever be (wo)man enough to shoot myself up. C's job, all the way. Hats off to you for being awesome.

    Also- this post totally made me smile because you are so funny and down to earth, or at least you come across that way in your writing. I love it. I sometimes find myself protruding my stomach out like I'm pregnant, and then rubbing it like there's something in there. (I absolutely have issues.) And, sometimes I don't even need to protrude it because the pooch on my abdomen is just perfectly the right size to be preggo. (HUGE issues right here.) Anyway- good luck at the u/s. My fingers are crossed and I'm saying some prayers.


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