Wednesday, August 31, 2011

7DPO. I'm bored.

The TWW is so very, very boring. You can't drink, you don't get wanded, you don't have to worry that you're drinking enough water to keep the blood draw from being a debacle.What is there to do, you ask? See how long it takes your HCG trigger to leave the bloodstream. Just to make absolute *sure* you're not some freak-of-nature trigger-holder-onto-er.

Cropped so you don't have to see the pee side of the stick. You're welcome.

As you can see, I am not. Phew! This morning (the bottom stick), there was an extremely faint line that the camera didn't pick up, but I'm content that it's gone. It's funny how exciting it is to see two lines show up on one of those things, even if it's only because you injected the damn hormone it reads into your ass. Or rather had your own personal Dr Boy do it. Same deal. Even funnier is how exciting it is to slowly see the line go away!

Now that it's gone, I'm IMPATIENTly waiting for it to come back. We'll see how I do staying away from testing this weekend... Only symptoms right now include sore boobs. Since 3DPO. I'm sure that's just the progesterone the corpus luteum is releasing, and it's a bit reassuring actually. Something to prove my body just *might* be spitting out what it's supposed to.

For now, I have the next few days to get the house ready to host my BIL and SIL for the long weekend. We're having a BBQ at the house on Sunday, too, so there's list-making, shopping, cleaning, and organizing to do for that.

Happy Hump-Day, everyone!


  1. OMG...I totally understand right now!~!! I am bored. bored. bored. I hate the 2WW!! I have been feeling a bit crampy but that is about it. I haven't tested the trigger out...I'm planning on waiting until the 7th to test...when will you be testing? About to update my blog too.

  2. I always found the 2ww of an IUI cycle totally weird. It was like you go from a million appointments and scheduled medication times to sitting and twiddling your thumbs for two weeks.... well, that and peeing on sticks. ONE MORE WEEK!!!

  3. I'm such a pee-stick-a-holic, I totally get it! Two lines = magic pee! Yay!
    (sorry got carried away there)

    I hope you get through these next few days peacefully. If I were you, I'd continue peeing on sticks. But that's just me. And please ignore me. I'm the crazy pee-stick lady.

  4. girl im going crazy as well! Just read my post from today! LOL.

    I am having AF cramps and it sucks!!!!!! I don't want to lose hope but it's just hard dammit!!

    I hope you are doing well and not being too to bored this next week! ahhhhhhhhhh!!! We gotta send eachother like a windstorm of BABY DUST!! :)

  5. Hoping another line pops up soon! Wishing you the best this 2ww and hoping that time passes quickly for you.

  6. Well if it makes you feel better I am almost as interested in your pee sticks as you are! :)

  7. Been following you for a little while now but don't think I've commented before. You and I are in the same boat or at least close, I am 8 dpIUI and have a matching set of pee sticks lined up in my bathroom! Just thought I'd say hi!

  8. Man! That is boring! During my TWW with my kiddo, they basically told me there was no way that it worked so I was drinking. Oops! Oh well, made the wait a whole lot more fun!

  9. Are those just regular pregnancy tests? It is really neat to watch the hcg leave your system....of course, it would be even cooler to watch it re-appear!

  10. Wow! Good luck! I have a post about the 2ww! (
    Also, wanted to let you know that I featured your blog tonight!


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