Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A case of the crazies

Everyone, please take out your Craze-ometers, and let me know if this email says:

A) "I'm fully invested in my own health plan and appreciate being able to play an active role in my care"


B) "I'm a batshit crazy micromanager. And pushy. And watch out dominant follie, I will be making all the decisions for the next 18 years!!!"

I wrote (and sent) this to the nurse practitioner who's managing our care this cycle.

Subject: Some clarification on this cycle (today is CD3) 
Hi Nurse Practitioner Lady- 
I finished my 10th day of provera on Saturday, and CD1 showed up Monday afternoon. I filled the rx for the chlomid, and I plan on taking 2 pills per day starting tomorrow (CD4).
You and I had talked about a couple of things that I wanted to revisit doing during this cycle. The first was any blood tests or ultrasounds at certain points. Having PCOS makes me very nervous about whether my ovaries are responding to the chlomid, if its thinning my uterine lining, whether I ovulated w/out a trigger, how my hormone levels are post-ovulation. What are your thoughts on this?
Also, Dr Boy is going to drop off his repeat semen-analysis sample today, so we can see how the viscosity issue is. Because it at least showed up once as a problem, he and I are interested in doing an insemination this cycle no matter the results of the analysis. Would this be a viable option for us? We would really like to stack the deck in our favor as much as possible.
Thank you so much!

I guess she didn't think I was too annoyingly bonkers because she responded within a few hours, and I think I may have gotten my way she agreed with our plan of attack this cycle.

Hi JM: 
We would be happy for you to be seen for an ultrasound with ovulation. Call our office on the day of your LH surge for an appt (limited hours on wkends so call early). With the ultrasound we will be able to see your response to the Clomid and we could also check your lining. I'd also be happy to order a progesterone level for you to confirm that ovulation took place. Go to the lab 8 to 10 days after your surge for the blood test. 
Sorry I missed Dr Boy going to the lab (I see the specimen is being processed) because the State of California requires male infectious disease testing prior to doing IUIs. The tests he needs are: HIV, Hep C antibody, Hep B surface antigen, Syphilis and Human T Lymphocyte Virus (HTLV I/II). I've ordered the tests for him to complete. The HTLV takes the longest to return because it's sent out to Quest, so the sooner he gets the blood tests done, the better. You can bring in the signed IUI consents when you are here for the ultrasound. 
Let me know if you have any other additional questions or concerns. It is great to hear from you! See you soon.

Did she? Or is she just pandering to the crazazy? Because sometimes I feel crazazy. Pretty sure they swapped the provera pills for those that eff with you sense of normalcy. Oh well. I get an ultrasound with a +OPK, and I get the blood test after to see if the rockin' follies we are GOING to see did their job. And I (most likely) get to have Dr Boy's woohoo jammed up my lady business. God, this whole making a baby thing is romantic. Dr Boy just luuuuurved getting to give another sample, then go back to the lab at the end of the day to get blood drawn.*****

Tomorrow is CD4, and I'll start the chlomid. Last time I took it, I didn't experience a case of the crazies, or I was at least too entrenched in my own crazy to know that it was happening. Either way, can't wait for the next five days!!!

One more episode of the "JM belongs in an institution" series: I purchased 100 OPKs on Amazon last night.

1. The nurse practitioner said to use the smiley face CBE tests. I've never used them before and don't like the black and white nature of the result. I like to know when I'm getting close. Sooooooo
2. I bought a 40-pack of the cheapies with the two lines. Much more subjective, but it's all about the devil you know, right? I plan on using them both together and comparing. Plus the cheapies cost 1/3 the price of the others so it wasn't exactly a tough choice.
3. I was $4.50 away from the amazon free shipping. Eff. That. So I bought a second 40-pack. If this cycle doesn't work, and the cycle after that doesn't work, I will be SET. And if I DO have a baby in my belly at the end of this TWW, I'll have a sweet giveaway.

*****He did come home proclaiming "I'm holy! I'm holy!" Only he meant holey. As in from the blood draw. He's cute :)


  1. I don't think you are crazy at all. And her reply seemed very genuine and full of good, reasonable information. I am so happy that you have an office of supportive staff.

    I just discovered those ultra cheap tests on Amazon - I feel like I'm set for a very long time!

  2. Hey lady! I love that you are making progress!! My email is I'm bad about checking it, but will!!

  3. Hope you are feeling better today about everything! You've been in my thoughts a bunch!

    I awarded you the Overlord Award on my blog today :) Enjoy!

  4. Hi I'm fairly new to your blog and really like it! I gave you a Versatile Blogger Award!


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