Sunday, June 26, 2011

Hello? Anybody in there?

What a crappy week to go MIA blog-style, huh?

Dr Boy and I went on vacation with my family, and the internet was quite a bit spottier than we had initially thought. Have you ever been to Yosemite Nat'l Park? Pretty freakin' beautiful. I used to go there with my parents a lot as a child, but this was the first time we had been back as a whole family in YEARS. Add on the fact that we've had the heaviest snowpack in 30 years, and that we were there during the peak snowmelt week of the spring, things were FLOWING! Absolutely gorgeous.

 Hannah had herself a pretty good time, too.

But now you're all like "Seriously though, how 'bout that Drs appt you had last week? I mean, Yosemite is pretty and all, but I hear relaxing DOESN'T get you pregnant. Drs do."

The appt with the RE went pretty well. I like her, but I think I my personality might be a bit too high-energy for us to click super-well (Read: she's calm and relaxing, I'm cra-zazy). I got re-wanded and was hit with a couple blows-
1. Ovaries are still VERY polycystic. Doesn't look like the 1500mg metformin have kicked those little suckers into submission at all.

2. Even though I was 2 weeks past ovulation, the ovaries didn't show any sign of having actually released an egg. So why the eff did the pee stick tell me I did? She didn't have an answer for that one.

We also went over the results of Dr Boys SA. Everything looked fabulous on that front except for the viscocity. Which I had never really heard of with respect to a SA before. Turns out his goo is a little gooier than they prefer, meaning the boys have to work a whole lot harder to get anywhere than they should. Think about swimming through honey instead of water. Yeah, that's a whole lot harder. She did say that it's a fairly subjective part of the test though, and is having him re-do that one this week and see if it was just a fluke. (Because who doesn't want to fondle oneself at their workplace? Twice?) She also reassured me that peeing after we woo-hoo won't keep me from getting knocked up. (Yes, laugh at me now. Irrational fears are hilaaaaarious)

After going through my entire history, we talked about where we should go from here. She understood our relative sense of urgency. Not urgency so much as just wanting to get the show on the road finally. She gave us two options. Both options include starting provera to induce the period. It won't really make CD1 show up all that much earlier than it would otherwise based on my "usual" cycle length, but it should at least clear me out better. (Oh, and just took the last of 10 provera pills yesterday, so bring on the cramps, baby)
1. Do a round with 100mg chlomid, starting on CD3, 4, or 5. Use the pee sticks. Engage in bam-chicka-bam-bam. Maybe do an IUI depending on the results of SA take 2.

2. Do a round of chlomid with menapur to stim the ovaries a bit more. Other activities to commence as before.

Here are my concerns:
1. Neither option includes much monitoring mid-cycle. I am VERY interested to see exactly where the cycle is breaking down- I keep getting +OPKs, but the last wanding didn't show any signs of Oing. What's up with that? Why do my boobs hurt SO MUCH at the end of the cycle? Why does it take 50 days for my body to cycle? I'd really prefer to have regular wandings or at least blood tests to see what part of the process is blowing chunks.

2. Can we please do an IUI no matter what? Just for good measure? If there's even a question of poor viscocity, isn't it better safe than sorry?

3. There were some signs that my thyroid hasn't been regulated. She didn't know exactly how to regulate the meds properly, so referred me back to my primary care physician. I'm uncomfortable with this. Because fertility can be such a thyroid-based issue, shouldn't my fertility doc be managing the problem? I don't like that she's not capable of doing that herself.

We decided to go for just the chlomid cycle, and I plan on advocating HARD for an insemination once the results from take 2 come back. We did agree that this would be the only round of chlomid before moving onto more aggressive treatment, so I'm fine with this as a more "exploratory" cycle.

Because of the other bits I'm uncomfortable with though, Dr Boy and I decided that at the end of this cycle we'll be switching doctors. There is an ObGyn doc that works in the RE dept, who happens to come highly recommended by a few of Dr Boys colleagues. We've been in contact with him, and he agrees with the general plan of action for now, but would take care of the whole picture- investigating the ineffectiveness of the metfomin, thyroid issue, and fertility plan. He happens to be out of town for the rest of the month, so going with the RE for this cycle fits just fine.

In summary:
1. Chlomid this cycle.
2. Advocating for an IUI when the time comes.
3. Begging for wandings and/or blood tests throughout to see what the damn problem is. (I feel like a junkie. An infertility junkie)
4. Start with Dr Competence at the end of July when this cycle ends. Unless it works. ha.

Any suggestions from you guys? How much monitoring mid-cycle is too much? Too little? What points in your cycle do your docs generally take a peek at things to see how it's progressing? Am I clinically insane?

Thanks for all the kind comments on my last few posts- I look forward to getting to know you guys better and am so glad ICLW is here to bring us together!


  1. My doctor would start monitoring me on cd10 (ultrasound, no bloodwork). My follicles were always ready to go at that stage (I'm an early bloomer, I guess), so I didn't require further monitoring, just my trigger shot.

    I would definitely push for monitoring, not just to know if you're producing follicles, but also to see if clomid is thinning your uterine lining. It did with me - big time - and I have to wonder if that's why I haven't gotten pregnant yet.

    Good luck!

  2. I would definitely push for more monitoring. How else can you know what's working and what isn't? Wishing you the best of luck with this cycle.

    ICLW #10

  3. Ok, you should get your thyroid checked out ASAP. Everytime I had bloodwork done they told my my thyroid was fine and then I went to my primary care doc because I had headaches, was frequently tired, and felt dizzy and nauseas all the time. I though I had a brain tumor. Turns out, my thyroid was funky, which was probably one of the reasons I got 1 non-drug induced period in nine months. I now take thyroid medication everyday and even though I got myself knocked up before the meds could have regulated me, I am pretty convinced this was the primary driver behind my issues.

    Also, LOVE the My Fruity Ute title idea. Might take it and run with it!

  4. I would defniitely want the mid cycle monitoring. With PCOS, its so hard to tell otherwise. I hope you can get this doc on board with your plan

    happy iclw

  5. I'm not sure about the monitoring to be honest, but wanted to share the recipe for the salad dressing you commented on. :) VERY simple:
    1/2 cup olive oil
    1/4 cup Balsamic Vinaigrette
    2 tblsp Honey
    salt and pepper to taste

    That's it and it is AMAZING with the strawberries and goat cheese. :)

  6. Hi, visiting for ICLW. I agree with checking out your thyroid and also getting as much monitoring as possible. I have hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid) and didn't know it until my RE checked it. They are the ones that helped reculate it with medication, not my primary care. PCP's seem to not be that concerned with it as much as RE's are. My PCP classified it as borderline and didn't see a need to give me meds, but my RE said it would effect my TTC if it was that high and regulated my meds for me. Wishing you the best of luck with the Clomid and I hope you get your BFP soon!


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