Saturday, July 2, 2011

A list

1. I am currently working shift number 5 of 7. Does this make it Friday #1, or Wednesday #3? Or Thursday #2 with two Fridays? I always wonder.

2. I killed a spider that was hiding out underneath Hannah's dog bed last night, after waking up to get water. Effing. Gross.

3. Dr Boy killed a spider earlier that day that was making a web on our tomato cage. I made him do it so I could harvest my future tomatoes in arachnid-free peace. On second thought, I don't think I'll be able to reach into the thick bushy plants without protective armor on ever again.

4. Dr Boy WILL BE killing the spider that has taken up residence in between the screen and the window in our kitchen. Vomit. No, we never open that window. And now we never will, even when the mother effer is dead.

5. I hate spiders. And I am tired of them. We are spraying Home Defense like it's going out of style when I get home from work this afternoon (triple-digit heat be damned).

6. I removed a caterpillar from my tomato plants before I noticed the disgusting arachnid. I didn't want it to die, just stop eating my plants. I moved it to a tree and hope it doesn't get eaten by a bird.

7. Clomid gives me hot flashes. I took round two last night before bed, and woke up an hour later in a sweat. So I got up and got water. And killed a spider. And turned up the A/C 'cause there was no way in hell I was sleeping without covers when spiders are running rampant in our rental. Hell. No.

8. Dr Boy and I may go see Super 8 tonight, if traffic in our little downtown isn't too bad from the 5K/10K/1/2Marathon that's being run tonight. Poor runners, it's effing hot out.

9. I hate spiders.

10. I would like to hurry up this whole "saving $$ for a new down payment" business so we can BUY A HOUSE THAT DOESN'T HAVE A BILLION SPIDERS LIVING IN IT. I have already fallen in love with a house. Unfortunately, I don't think the sellers will wait until next Spring. Though if they did I will love them forever and ever. And their beautiful house.

That is all. Hope you are all beating the heat and enjoying the three-day weekend I wish I had!!!

Also HAPPY ALMOST ANNIVERSARY to my friend N!!! 
Dr Boy took these fireworks photos the day before she and her husband got married.


  1. Thank you! I'm sending you an email :-)


  2. I HATE SPIDERS TOO!! Ugh. Nastiest creature ever. Seriously.


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