Sunday, July 24, 2011

"I hope you're not afraid of needles"

I'm not, thank goodness. Because that's what we're going to need for this next cycle.

Dr Boy and I went to the RE meeting on Friday. We were meeting the new doctor (same dept, just a real dr instead of nurse practitioner) to discuss where to go since I didn't respond to the clomid. At all. He did another wanding just to confirm that CD26 didn't bring me any closer to a dominant follicle or anything that even remotely resembled ovarian response. Surprise! It didn't! Oh wait.... that wasn't a surprise....

Side Note: Has anyone else had their husband in the room for a wanding? It's a bit awkward. The dr had to have me scoot down further about three times, and spread my legs "WIDER! WIDER! I know you're no stranger to this! WIDER!" Awk. Ward.

We went over the fact that MAYBE moving up to 150mg clomid would help, but probably not. We went over the possibility of femara, but this clinic doesn't endorse it based on ongoing studies that it may or may not have a link to limb defects. Uhhhhhh NO. So we decided to go strait to Menopur with an hCG trigger and IUI. Eeeek!!! I'm to start provera today or tomorrow (probably tomorrow since I forgot to take a preg test with my f.m.u.), and head in to receive my set of meds on the 1st day of my cycle.

It all feels real now.... Anyone have any experience with menopur? Any helpful hints that you can share? Thanks!


  1. No experience with the drugs. However, I am used to my husband being around when wandy gets stuck up my cooch. It was weird the first couple of times. Eventually, you get over it. Just have him stand by your head. ;-)
    Hope this cycle works for you!

  2. menopur burrrns! nothing you can't handle though! and i love it. it works so well for me and i have gotten pregnant twice using it. hoping this next cycle is all you need to get pregnant!

  3. I concur with bibc, Menopur burns! Nothing terrible, but no one had warned me, so when we did the first injection I was like "Umm.. WTH? OUCH!" You can do it though!

  4. the shot itself is not bad. i am a bit freaked out about needles. or i should say i was. i still can't do the trigger and progesterone shots myself, but the menopur isn't too bad. i found that massaging the injections site helped with the burning.

    my hubby is usually in the room. it was strange at first, but you get used to it.

    you can totally do this! i'm keeping my fingers crossed that this works for you!!!

  5. I don't have any experience with it. My husband's usually in the room. He was in the room one time for a routine pelvic and pap. He and my gyno talked about cars the ENTIRE time. My husband didn't even notice the doctor was doing an exam. My husband is a doctor so he normally likes to be all up in the doctor's (and my) business. Eh, whatever. Anyway hope you got a laugh out of this! Good luck with the Menopur!

  6. My husband does all of the medication mixing and injecting for me. That's how we split up the duties, he does the work, I tolerate all the crap in my body 24/7.

    The first time we injected our second medication (I think it was menapur but it was a while ago so I'm not certain), we had to do it at a baby shower (I know!) and he accidentally used all of the fluid to reconstitute the medication powder when he was supposed to only use half of it. I felt like I had a bee sting in my butt for the rest of the day.

    Icing the area really does help, but sometimes the ice is more annoying than the actual needle.

    And yeah, hubby goes with me for whatever appointment his work schedule allows. It's a bit awkward but frankly, I feel better knowing that he has to do his awkward part of watching my awkwardness at participating. We're really doing our best to share the annoyance of all this as 50/50 as humanly possible.

  7. Yowza, DH and dildo cam. NOT romantic. At all. Good luck!

  8. I agree - good to have the hubs up near my head when all the procedures are going on. He needs to be there for his own piece of mind and for as long as he can get away from work, he does. I was glad to have him there during one of my IUI's - the doc was a sub (someone else in the same practice) and unfamiliar with the labrynth that is my cervix+womb so, well, she hurt me. And having him there to squeeze his hand while that was going on was a godsend. Plus, it's made him super-caveman-protective of any procedures since then and it's nice to have someone with me who will push to ask questions and make sure they know what's up when I'm all laid out on the table feeling too vulnerable.

    The most awkward moment (for me) though was at the first IUI when hubs got his numbers from the SA. The doc (another sub) walked in and said, "Well, you really hit it out of the ballpark!" And high-fived the hubs right in front of me. Weird. But hubs thinks it was AWESOME and can't stop telling people that story. Which is a whole nother type of awkward.

  9. OMG. I've never had my husband in the room for the wand, but I can only imagine how fun that can be, especially when they first bring it out and put a condom on it. (Shakes head).

    No experience with meds, but sending you lots of love!

    ICLW :)

  10. My husband has been in the room once when wandy has been out. I wasn't uncomfortable with it since it's routine for me now. E, on the other hand, was extremely uncomfortable. I don't have experience with Menopur - just the Gonal - F. I definitely wasn't a fan of needles before all this infertility junk, so I was freaked out when I had to give myself the first shot. It's really not too bad - try not to psych yourself out. Hope you respond well to this!

  11. Good luck with your cycle! Menopur and the other shots aren't that bad...I find numbing the skin with an ice cube beforehand helps. And my husband has done ALL my shots...partly because I am a big baby, and partly because it's nice to have him involved in this process too, you know?
    Fingers crossed for you...

  12. Sorry - I've never had experience with those medications, but needles become no big deal after a while. I NEVER thought I'd be able to do daily injections, but now it's old hat.

    Hope things go well for you in the next few weeks - I'm thinking about you.


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