Thursday, July 21, 2011

Just to Eff With Me

Happy ICLW to all of you! To the newcomers, check out this post to see our sordid TTC history. The only addition is an HSG (no problems found), a failed unmedicated cycle, and a failed attempt at an IUI this month (my body decided to scoff at the 100mg clomid). The ovaries think that clomid is SOOOOO lowbrow.

My body has been doing weird things in the last few days. Mainly to eff with me, I think.

- Heartburn. Usually when I'm standing or sitting strait up, in fact. I've been eating pretty darned well, and have no idea where this is coming from.
- Nausea. I feel fairly vomititious in the evenings and mornings. I even threw up Tues evening. (aren't you so glad you knew that?)
- Swollen middle. I'm no skinny minny, but the two pounds I've gained during this cycle went STRAIT to the spare tire. NOWHERE ELSE.
- Exhaustion. I wake up in the morning thinking it's only been an hour or two because GAWD there's no way I've already been asleep for seven hours. Then I look at the clock and want to cry.
- Lots of crying. I'm always an emotional wreck, but right now? Oy vey. Example- Dr Boy and I watched the first two HP movies in the last few days. I cried on no less than 15 occasions during each. Pretty sure I was more amusing to DB than the films.

Let's get one thing strait. I AM NOT PREGNANT. So why the HELL do I have so many symptoms? I reserve the right to complain about pregnancy symptoms while NOT pregnant. That way I can relish in the flowers and rainbows that my constipation will equate to when there's a baby in my belly.


  1. It's the Clomid. I went through exactly the same thing you are...really, right down to every detail....every Clomid cycle! Well, I never actually threw up, but I had the nausea. It usually took until the end of AF for me to feel "normal" again.

    I am so sorry. I hope you feel better soon.

  2. I was so bloated on Clomid! Drinking ginger tea (even though it tastes like I don't know if I've ever drank something so disgusting to come up with a comparison) helped me. I gained 3 inches in my chest from it, too, I tried to tell my trainer it was from doing bench presses but she didn't buy it.

  3. Yep. Totally agree with the other ladies. As I was reading your post I thought "It's the damn clomid."

    I felt incredibly bloated and uncomfortable on it, and I'd cry over the stupidest things. Thankfully I didn't have the nausea you experienced.

    It will get better! Hang in there.

  4. urgh. I had the same thing while on progesterone. preggo symproms without the pregnancy suck! Hope you feel better! xoxo

  5. Hi from ICLW! I'm sorry this cycle was such a downer. I know the feeling--my ovaries seem to think they're too good for clomid too. I hope you have better luck next cycle!

  6. I am sorry about your canceled IUI cycle that stinks in it's own right but then to have all the side effects that just makes it worse. As necessary as they are, hormones suck. I hope the effects are short lived and you're back to your normal self soon.

  7. I cried soooooooo much on clomid. I mean, I cry a lot anyway, I cry easily, but I was crying at commercials, crying talking over dinner, crying all the time. Hopefully your body will even itself out soon... in the meantime, it's your party you can cry if you want to (haha).

  8. Thanks for your LOVELY comment! I figure I can rock the bikini now, bc who know what will be left after I have these twins! LOL

    I remember having waaaayyy to many "symptoms" and I ALWAYS thought I was pregnant! Not fun! Clomid was def the worst too! Sorry you feel so crappy :-(

  9. Yes, I agree with previous posters: Clomid is the devil. I was absolutely CONVINCED I was pregnant with each and every cycle, because the symptoms are just as you described.

    Hoping you feel better soon!!!!


  10. The best sentence: "The ovaries think that Clomid is SOOOOOO lowbrow." Made me laugh. Anyway- hope you get to feeling better soon. I just start the Clomid business and am waiting for the suck to set in. So far, I think it just made me really, really irritable last night. Good luck, and hope it goes away soon!

  11. I'm so sorry you've got such horrible side effects (most likely from the Clomid) and I hope they dissipate quickly! I was one of the few lucky ones that basically didn't have any side effects from Clomid, but I have had my fare share of side effects from the myriad other hormones I've taken since then.
    Good luck and happy ICLW.

  12. Hi from ICLW! The worst thing about this stuff is the whole "maybe you are preggo" symptoms. Makes you crazy. I swear. Feel better. :)

  13. sorry about your bfn and the fact you have to endure all of these symptoms. hope you feel better soon.

    iclw #101

  14. Ugh. I agree that it's the clomid. That stuff is such a mind cluck...makes you feel like you're pregnant even if you are not. I didn't have as many "symptoms" when I moved on to the injectibles (although I hope you won't need to).

    Here via ICLW.

  15. I had no Clomid side effects, but it seems like it maybe just me and that one other commenter. I did however get the heartburn like a mo-fo during this IVF cycle. I mean, it had me laid up for a day after the retrieval and the only thing that made it bearable was Norco (which is a narcotic pain killer). I had recently triggered with Ovidrel, recently stopped Lupron and Gonal-f, but hadn't started any of the hatching meds (Medrol and doxycycline) or the progesterone (Crinone) yet. I have no idea how to figure out which of those things cause it but it was nasty.

    And it persisted through most of the 2ww, although never as bad as it was right after the retrieval.


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