Friday, July 15, 2011

I feel so loved!

The fabulous Lissie over at Lissie's Luck awarded me the awesome Versatile Blogger award earlier this month! I feel so loved! I love the idea of passing along the blogger awards. It's one of those things that really makes this feel like a community instead of just a published journal. I really mean it when I say you are all awesome!

As per the award's rules, I'm supposed to:
- Post the award image
- Link back to the giver
- Disclose 10 things about myself that I haven't already

Well, here we go!

1. I met Dr Boy the very first weekend of college freshman year. We've been together ever since (12 years) and have never broken up.

2. I am a weather nerd. Total. Nerd. I go stormchasing with some friends from grad school each spring, and it is amazing, as well as something that has given me a VERY healthy respect for severe storms.

3. I've adopted an animal in each city I've lived in as an adult. Our first cat, Vesta, was adopted during undergrad. Our second cat, Ellie, was adopted during grad school. Our dog, Hannah, was adopted a couple of months after we got married. They're great furbabies, provided you don't mind that they hate eachother.

4. Before we got married, Dr Boy and I spent three years as a long-distance couple. That was equal to the amount of time we spent as a NOT long-distance couple. As I said, we went to undergrad together, though he was ahead of me. He left for medical school while I graduated and went to grad school. We finally ended up back together as he was graduating medical school and starting residency, and I started a job with the company I'm still with.

5. I hate spiders. Have I mentioned that before?

6. I have two different thumbs. I never sucked on them as a child. They just are the way they are! Turns out it's genetic. I showed my grandma my weirdo thumbs once, and she showed me hers- same thing :)

7. I learned to play the french horn in Jr High, mainly because no one else wanted to. My theory? If I'm the only one, I can't be worse than anyone else. No competition. Yeah, I was messed up. But it was an awesome instrument. I continued in high school (where, go figure, two of the other horn-ists in my year also had the same weird thumb thing....), then switched to mellophone (marching french horn) in college. It's a good thing I joined marching band, because that's where I met Dr Boy. He played the cymbals (helloooooooo nice arms).

8. Tap water makes me gag. Ugh, I can't even think about it. Ewwww.

9. I'm awful at checking my voicemail. Seriously, I have 5 un-listened voicemails on my phone right now, and literally 10 that I quickly flipped through just to get the phone to stop bugging me about them.

10. I am a flip-cup master. I. Rock. The game. (I'd post a picture but I'm sporting about three chins, and that makes me want to gag.)

I now have the pleasure of passing this award along to another set of wonderful bloggers I've discovered out there. The lucky ladies are:

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These women are funny, strong, brave, and are all at different steps in their TTC process. Finding new posts from them in my reader truly makes my day each time. Check them out and let them know I sent 'ya!

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