Tuesday, July 12, 2011

It's just not funny

Could someone please explain to me why people think it's funny to joke about people being better off without children? Unless it's a choice you've made (because of biology, faith, circumstance, whatever), living childless isn't funny. Especially when it's a choice that you didn't get to make.

I spent the day in a 6-hour CPR/First Aid course at work today, and at some point, someone made an offhand remark to the effect of "Give her a break, she doesn't have kids." To which the instructor replied, "Nice! You're way better off that way."

To which I replied "Eff off, mother effer."

OK, not really, but I REALLY wanted to. And mentally, I shut down. The course was near-completion, I took my multiple choice test at the end, finished first (and scored 100% for that matter. Booya.), and stormed out of the room. I don't know or care if anyone really knows why I suddenly looked like I could throat-punch someone, but I'm pretty sure I left a few people wondering.

It's just not funny people. It's. Just. Not. Please, for the love of god, just try and be a little more sensitive, kay? I'd really appreciate it.

Obviously it doesn't help that I'm anxiously awaiting that fickle little smiley-face on the Clear Blue Easy ovulation sticks. It doesn't help that what Mr Wandy shows the afternoon after my pee produces a grin will (hopefully) result in an IUI. It doesn't help that I'm impatient, and hopeful, and scared, and hormonal.

You know what would help? A little sensitivity.

End rant.

Hey- I also wanted to say a big THANK YOU to Mag at Witty Infertility for bestowing upon me the Overlord award! I'm working on my rules, Mag- promise! And a second big THANK YOU to Lissie over at Lissie's Luck for the Versatile Blogger award! I'm working on that post as well, Lissie, I haven't forgotten! And thanks to Ericka from This Hampton Life of Mine for the salad dressing recipe :) Very, very yummy.

Ya'll are awesome and I love you. That is all.


  1. Nothing like comments like those to completely shut you down. I have such a hard time listening after I hear those. Actually, I'm swearing too loudly in my own head to hear what's going on. Kudos on kicking butt on the end of class test, though!

  2. Ugh, I hate those! I think my favorite was when a relative of mine said "Are you sure you really want to get into this?" to me this weekend. And SHE KNEW WE WERE DOING IVF!! Umm.. gee, thanks for enlightening me. I had no idea what I was getting into. Ugh, stupid people

    And I love that you shoved it to the man by finishing first with a perfect score! Nice!

  3. Your blog is beautiful! Now I forgive you for not updating for almost a week and keeping me in the dark all the way out in the countryside. :-)

    My vote would be to write a harsh commentary to whichever company did your CPR training regarding your instructor's comment.


  4. I completely understand - insensitive comments are all around from those who simply don't understand. During my first miscarriage, I was scheduled for an unrelated surgery and I had my OB's ok to continue with surgery even though my HCG levels were dropping. Surgery still made me take a pregnancy test and then the nurses stood around their station outside my curtain for a half hour joking about what to do with it - who wanted to take it home and freak out the husband and that kind of stuff.

    It's absolutely amazing what some people think is appropriate. I'm sorry that you heard it and sorry that it affected you like that.



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