Thursday, January 12, 2012

They're here, take two.

While meds for a frozen transfer aren't quite as exciting a delivery as those for a fresh cycle, it is still fun to see. I give you, in all their glory, my token frozen embryo transfer medication photo:
FET meds are faaaancy.
1. Big-ass PIO drawing-up needles
2. Insulin syringes for lupron shots
3. Needles for PIO administration
4. Sharps container (methinks one won't be enough though)
5. Needles for Delestrogen (generic for estrogen valerate)
6. Valium for transfer
7. Estrace
8. Steroids for retrieval/transfer
9. Delestrogen. In mother effing sesame oil***
10. PIO (ethyl oleate), enough for about 30 doses
11. Alcohol swabs (really, they thought 20 would be enough???)
12. Lupron
13. Moral support- Hannah

Not bad, not bad. The only thing missing is a round of nausea-inducing doxycycline. This stash is sickeningly cheaper than the stash for a full cycle. Even with the more expensive PIO because of the itchy-ass incident from last time around. It is comical that with all those needles, they really thought I only needed one sharps container and 20 flippin' alcohol bads. Seriously? <shakes head>

***I am also now SHAKING MY HEAD VIOLENTLY at my FET coordinators, as they ordered me an injectable estrogen in none other than sesame oil. They remembered to order the PIO in a hypoallergenic oil, but not the estrogen? Seriously? The deep bruising the hives left behind are JUST BARELY GOING AWAY. Narg.

Luckily, we have our injection re-training tomorrow morning, so we can bring that little situation up. Oh, and an ultrasound to make sure all my lovely cysts from post-retrieval have gone away. It's been so long since I've seen wandy... I'll have to be sure to pick out some nice socks for him :)


  1. Great pic! I hope it's the first in your baby book.

  2. Oh how I wish I were transferring with you. I do not envy the injections but to be on your way is sure a nice feeling.

  3. Good luck! I'll be freshing-while you are FET-ing. Like my use of verbs there? :)

  4. Best of luck. I'm looking at a 2nd fresh cycle but 4th IVF in feb to.

  5. Best of luck. I'm looking at a 2nd fresh cycle but 4th IVF in feb to.

  6. Hi there. I just joined and I'm looking forward to following you through your upcoming FET. My first IVF is about 2 weeks ahead of you. Best of luck. Here's to healthy babies in 2012!!!


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