Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Well that last calendar sure lasted long :)

I've been a bit anxious about our proposed FET date and beta. Our plan had our transfer on Monday Feb 6th, then flying off to Denver to hang out with friends and ski five days later. We'd come back Monday the 13th, then have our beta on V Day. I had reconciled the fact that I wouldn't be skiing while there, and refraining from imbibing with friends. No biggie. We were, however, nervous what effect the travel and inevitable activity and excitement of the weekend would have on implantation. We know it would have occurred before Friday, but if this cycle ended up a bust, we would for SURE blame it on the weekend. Two things would happen. Well, three really.

1. I would be pissed off at the FET for ruining what could have been a fantastic weekend of skiing and drinking with friends. (which, I might add, I'd gladly give up for a baby, but we're moving on the assumption that this doesn't result in a cute pooping blop of smooshable baby)

2. I would be pissed off at the weekend of travel and hanging out with friends for ruining our implantation and blame it for our BFN.

3. I would cry a lot. (inevitable, yes)

None of these things would be good, so we changed our FET date. Our new transfer date is Wednesday Feb 15th, *after* we return from our trip. I am so relieved that we did this. I know we won't have anything to pin a failed transfer on, so nothing gets ruined. Plus, there are no major holidays or important dates for the BFN parade to rain on (yes, I'm now superstitious about that).

Our new calendar looks like this:
The color coding makes me insanely happy. Insanely. Click to enlarge.
I'm still anxious about pushing it back, strictly on the premise that we wanted to get to our next transfer as soon as humanly possibly. I'm willing to deal with that anxiety, though, knowing how much the good of a delayed transfer outweighs the good of an earlier one.

Plus, I didn't love my old calendar enough to color code it, so that must be saying something.

There you have it. Our plan. Revised. Let me know if you're cycling in Jan/Feb- I'd love to follow along!


  1. So much better! Now you can enjoy your fun weekend away without stressing! I'm so excited for you- I SO hope this is it for you:)

  2. I'm so ridiculously excited for you! Yay for a color-coded calendar!

  3. So if color coding makes it official, congratulations on the new plan, sounds like a winner!

  4. Good plan! Will be much more relaxing for both the transfer AND the ski trip!

  5. Glad you are back and that you have a new plan you feel comfortable with. I am impressed by your organization and think I need to hire you as my personal assistant, jk.

    Sounds like your skiing trip will be WAY better. Where will you be going? We are trying to plan a ski trip and doing it around fertility treatments makes it more complicated.

    I started BCP's a week and a half ago so we are pretty close in our cycles. I am SO JEALOUS you are doing a frozen cycle rather than fresh. It is so much easier! Hoping this is it for both of us.

  6. Much better plan. And... LOVE the color coding!!!

  7. i'm glad you changed your date. hopefully y'all can have a nice relaxing time and be ready for the 15th!


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