Thursday, January 26, 2012

X Marks the Uterus!

PDLMBLATI*, from the lovely Emily** Arrrr, matey! X marks the Uterus!

We had an appointment this morning to get my baseline ultrasound and bloodwork, just to make sure there wasn't any rogue dominant follicle trying to claw its way through the lupron. That would have made me PISSED because this lupron stuff is a bitch that I never want to have to deal with again.

Luckily for all involved parties, I'm suppressed. No follies, ovaries nice and high and difficult to wand properly. Score. Not sure what my e2 came back at yet, but I can't imagine very high. They had to poke both arms though, so I'm already on my way to junkie status again.

We're clear to start our estrace tabs tomorrow, and the lovely estradiol valerate IM injections every Friday and Tuesday for the forseable future. Yay me. And yay Dr Boy, who gets to start shooting me in the arse again. We're still on track for a Feb 15th transfer, in 20 days if you're counting (like me).

Another word on the lupron though. I hates it. Much. It gives me hot flashes, it keeps me from sleeping soundly, it exacerbates my depression, and today, it gave me a migraine that wouldn't go away even with excedrin. Not cool, lupron, not cool. If we're (un)lucky enough to have to go through another FET (let's pretend it's for baby #2 so I don't curl up into the fetal position), I am going to urge REAL hard for a different protocol that does NOT involve this winner of a drug. I just don't like what it's doing to me. At. All. I think Dr Boy will be fully on board with this plan as well. So will Hannah. And the cats. And anyone else I've interacted with in the last 10 days or so.

As for the therapist, I'm still waiting to get an appointment. But it will happen, and soon. Promise. Thank you all for the lovely, wonderful comments. It helps to know I'm not alone, not the only person that's going through this. In fact, the formerly-annoyed-army-wife wrote a very similar post just today. Had a nice LONG talk with Dr Boy this morning, and I think we're both feeling a little better about everything. I hope. At least, it was made more clear that it's truly not you, it's me. Because it's NOT him. It IS me.

But it'll get better.

*PDLMBLATI- Please Don't Look at My Business Look at These Instead
**Emily, giving us IFers hope at A Peek Into Our Journey


  1. Yay for suppression! Boo for Lupron! It really does blow donkey balls. To put it lightly.

    I hope you're able to get your appt soon. I started reading the Conquering Infertility book and it's pretty good. Much more research based, less one person's point of view. Nothing earth shattering, however.

  2. For my fresh cycle they had me on BC pills and for my FET they will suppress me with the NuvaRing. You may want to ask them if you can hang with that instead if you ever have to go through this again (for your 2nd).
    Love the socks and I wish you luck dear!

  3. I love the sock! I've just been going in with my boring (but warm) wool socks, but those are awesome!! I'm glad that you are nice and suppressed. The funny thing is that I'm the doctor in the family and my husband is the one giving me the He's pretty good at though and it's definitely a bonding experience.

  4. Absolutely love your socks! they are hilarous. Ugh on lupron. I am not looking forward to it at all.

    Good luck!

  5. Great socks! Good luck with this cycle. Don't let the Lupron get you down!

  6. X marks the spot.....hahahaha!

  7. Haha love the socks. Oh and completely with you on the Lupron. It makes me crazy. Absolutely nuts. Lol.

    Good luck!!!

  8. I'm not gonna lie, I was obsessing a bit over your IVF cycle and numbers. That's why I was so upset they didn't give me an extra dose of stims! Ha, guess we are all different though. How many frozen embryos do you have?

  9. Any news? Or just plugging and chugging with the estrogen right must be close to starting prog again! And next week transfer time again, thank goodness. :-) thinking of you and cheering loudly!


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