Thursday, September 29, 2011


  • The TWW sucks. As usual, I'm over it, and I'm only, like, three days in really. Today I'm 3DPO but it kindof feels like a year. The nice thing is that there are a whole BUNCH of bloggie peeps (please don't unfriend me for using the word "peeps") that are sitting in this mess within a couple days of me, so that makes me feel better. We'll spread/share the crazy amongst ourselves.
  • My boobs hurt. More in the nip-region than last time's all-over pain, but still? All over pain is there. 
  • I had my third running group meeting last night, and it felt *gasp* good! Last week I was pretty pissed at myself because I could really feel how badly I had let my fitness slip during the summer. Last night, I could still feel it, but not quite as much. I could almost run around the 1/4 mile track without stopping, and I'm not all that sore this morning (whereas the day after my first run I could barely make it up the stairs to my office). I call that progress! They bribed us with a free hat if we show up to 7/10 of the first sessions. I respond to bribery well, and am 3/4, the first of which I missed only because I had to work.
  • We also worked a little on core after running which I despise like the devil that it is. Devil, I tell you!!! I did planks, but skipped out on the crunches. I justified it by telling myself that I didn't want to crunch the embryo that's busy getting ready to shove itself in my ute. I feel no guilt.
  • My baby brother's coming to town this weekend... woot! So excited to show him around our town. 
  • Did I mention I was bored? TWW's are boring. 
  • I have a POAS plan. I will FOR SURE be peeing a week from Sat, Oct 8th, which will be 12DPO. That was the day last round that AF showed up, and I don't want that to be how I find out. I *might* test at 11DPO, but only if I'm feeling the same super cramps that I did last time. Again, no surprises. 
  • Which reminds me, I haven't been testing out the trigger. Ooops. It took seven days last time, so I'll pee tomorrow at 5DPO and see what I see. I love internet cheapies. 

And that is all the vomit I can compile for this week (other than the lemon basil that one of the cats vommed yesterday thankyouverymuch). I think Natalie or Oak should start up a little linky, yeah? So we can make sure not to miss all of everyone else's spew?


  1. To many different thought's to comment on, so I'll just pick the running thing. I hate running, I wish I could just strap my feet to an elliptical and have it drag me along.

    Oh, and I also hate planks, but my how they do work!!!

  2. I'm getting ready to head into the 2WW myself! I think I'll O tomorrow (I'm POAS) and then our last FET will happen from IVF #2.
    Fingers crossed for you and me both.

  3. I'm right there with you in the tww. I'm 4dpo and starting to imagine that I'm nauseous and have sore boobs. (I say imagining because it makes no sense for me to feel anything this early, especially since I'm not even on any meds.)

    Good job on the running! That hat better be worth it. :)

  4. Hey there! Just responding to your question about the trigger calc on my blog. Here is a link to the post where I explain it, email me if you want a copy and I'll send you the spreadsheeet!

  5. I vote for 11DPO!
    But I'm the crazy pee-stick lady, so you should ignore me.

  6. Hey, love your blog! Thanks for your support on mine :)

    Looks like we are very close in our dpo''s insanity, I know. Time goes by sooo slooowly. We can go crazy together!

    Running club sounds awesome! I recently got back into it (although had to stop cause of IVF) and it felt so good :)


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