Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Does this shade of crazy look good on me?

Apparently it does. To recap the drama'z:

CD15: estadiol 84, all follies under 10mm, decide to *try* to keep going another few days
CD16/17: IVF/FET freakout
CD18: estradiol 226, yippee! U/S scheduled for CD20
CD19: estradiol 428, extra yippee!
CD20: Ultrasound showed an 18.5mm follie on lefty, and a 15mm and 14mm on righty. Uterine lining 9.4mm (up from 8.2 for IUI #1)

Score! It would appear that my body thrives on crazy, which is a good thing because I don't see that changing any time soon. We decided to trigger that night (which was Saturday), then do the IUI Monday morning. Rock the heck on! Even better was having Dr Boy at the ultrasound so he could see the excitingness that is a successful follicle-finding ultrasound. Bonus: He was able to reschedule his first hour of patients Monday morning so he could be there when the plunger was pushed :) Silly, but still meaningful to me. And him. Saturday night's trigger was super easy, again, the easiest shot of the 18 we had to administer this go-around.

It didn't end up going as smoothly as we had hoped Monday morning. We dropped off the goods, and came back an hour later for our 8:40am appt. OK, we actually showed up about 15 min before that in hopes that we could get the show on the road, and DB to his clinical duties asap. We let them know we were back, and proceeded to see everyone else in the waiting room enter, then exit the dr's offices. Dr Boy can get a wee bit high strung sometimes, especially when it comes close to him being late for something. Like work. Which cannot happen. By 8:55am, we asked the receptionist what the heck was going on, because if we didn't get called back in the next minute or two, DB was going to have to leave. She said we were "coming right up."

Didn't happen. DB left at 9am. There was much anxiety on his part, but I was doing my best to stay in my zen place for happy fertilizing. I was called back at 9:10, and when questioned about the timeliness (or lack thereof) of the appt, the NP performing the IUI proclaimed that she wasn't running late! Yeah, 30 minutes past an appt time generally constitutes running late, but whatever. Zen place. It is what it is, and the fact that Dr Boy was able to come to the appt sat, and be there for at least the waiting on in the morning was wonderful. I asked about the stats, but all they note is whether the post-wash sample has > 20 mil and > 50% motility. Which is did :)

Despite the pre-game dramaz, the IUI went very well (I think). I definitely felt the catheter going past the cervix because I'm blessed (ha!) with a super-sensitive cervix, but there was no pain or cramping the rest of the day like IUI #1. There was quite a bit of discharge about an hour later though, which combined with the lack of pain makes me worried that the sample wasn't deposited in my ute. Again, going to my zen place, because it is what it is at this point. Surely she knew what she was doing, right? Right? And if not, well, we supplemented the process just in case.

So now I'm 1 DPO and on the crazy scale? Probably down around a 1 or so. Fantasticness.

So there you have it.... from inaction to insemination in seven days flat! And the boobs are already getting sore so I know there's at least some progesterone floating around my system.

I'm.... dare I say it... excited!

And for you, dear readers, I have a question- what do you all do during the TWW to promote implantation? I don't have enough crazy going on right now, and I desperately need help coming up with something to fill that void! Hope you're all well!

(PS- come on, you know you want to "join this site" google-style... giveaway at 50!)


  1. Yay! I am so glad you stuck with it and it paid off! Now onto the next phase of waiting :)

  2. Woohoo! Congrats on a successful transfer, may everything continue in this vein.
    I don't have any 2WW implantation promotion secrets or things I do. I just hope and wait. Maybe I should find something to do, as what ever it is I'm not doing isn't working.

  3. I don't have any tips for successful implantation, but something that helps to give me a few brief moments of sanity during the tww is meditation. If you haven't already checked them out, Circle+Bloom has some great guided meditation programs, including one for IUIs. http://www.circlebloom.com/

    Good luck! I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you. :)

  4. "supplemented the process" <- nice verbiage

    I was going to try circle+bloom this cycle (and did in fact use it until ovulation got screwed up) and thought it might help with implantation. Maybe I should pick it back up.....hmmmm. I think I'll give it a go again.

    And I do think they knew what they were doing, sounds like it just went better/felt better this go.

  5. You wear the crazy well!

    Hmmm - promoting implantation. Let me see...
    All I've done is come up with a case of OCD involving googling "early pregnancy symptoms" and writing stupid posts about fake scavenger hunts.
    My yoga instructor once told me to "visualize waterfalls". Try that? maybe?

  6. Any shade of crazy looks good on you, but you know that. I'm glad things progressed like they did, except for the being called back late which is annoying. I like circle + bloom (and so does OccDoc); I can't say it helps promote anything other than a good night's sleep, however.

  7. Okay, fo shizzle, this is the SIXTH time I've tried commenting. UGH, blogger!

    Anywhoozles, I think you carry crazy quite well :) This past cycle I ate a fresh pineapple core and tried to laugh a lot. I read somewhere that laughing can help increase success rates? I don't know if it has any backing but I figured it couldn't hurt.

    Fingers crossed for you lady!

  8. WOO! I am so excited for this cycle's stats. I get all warm and fuzzy thinking about them. (That's so, so creepy sounding, no?). I got my fingers crossed for this IUI for you guys. Lots of hugs and good thoughts heading your way.


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