Friday, September 9, 2011

Round Two

JM and Dr Boy in one ring...

The Ovaries in the other...

Who will emerge victorious???? Only time will tell....

I've felt particularly disconnected this week. It was like throwing on the e-brake Monday morning when AF showed up. We had a fantastic weekend, full of in-laws, baseball, and BBQing for friends. The party we thew went wonderfully, the in-laws were tame, and I got stuff DONE. In a clean house. No, I didn't get to drink the sangria Sunday night, but I was contently in the TWW. Pretending I was gestating.

We went to Dr Boy's bro's baseball game Monday morning, and BOOM. The cramps I had been experiencing on and off all weekend intensified, I hit the restroom, and it was over. AF showed at 12DPO, on CD28. How funny! My first "perfect" cycle off BC. Wonderful.

Lots of wine was drunk Monday night.

On Tuesday afternoon, my wonderful friend N set up a coffee date for us and another friend- and her 4 month old baby. I was a wee bit nervous about "putting on my smile", but the truth is, it was the best thing I could have done that day. After the baby started releasing too many bodily fluids for N's taste, I held her. And bounced her, and lulled her to sleep :) This baby? Amazeballs. And there was no need to fake the contently happy feeling I had with her in my arms.

Did I mention her head smelled amazing? I also very nearly took a bite out of her arm. For safe keeping.

So that was my cheap therapy session. That combined with the second bottle of wine consumed in as many days. Yum.

 I went in for my baseline u/s on Wednesday, which showed my empty uterus and almost-back-to-normal ovaries. There was one residual cyst on righty measuring around 9mm, but Dr K wasn't concerned. Probably just still shrinking from last time around.

The plan (can you believe we're already at a plan again? so quick. no time to mourn IUI #1) is to stick with the menopur, just a tad more aggressively. 3 vials on CD3, 4, and 5. 2 vials for the remainder so my "loaded guns" don't go crazy. (I love thinking of my PCOS-ey ovaries as loaded guns. Actually I don't. It scares me.) Get some bloodwork drawn Saturday, then another u/s on CD9 (tuesday). Dr K would like to see some 10 or 11's at that point, so we move a few days faster than last time (triggering on CD15). We'll see!

So there you have it. Therapy, a plan, and two shots down. In case you were wondering, 3 vials of menopur burns way more than 2 vials. Either that or I've just turned massively wussy in the last two and a half weeks.

Which is entirely possible.


  1. I'm so, so happy that you have a plan! And as far as the Menopur, I thought one vial burned, so I would be a major weiny about three vials.

    And thank you for pulling my butt out of that pity party. I'm lame and sometimes need a kick in the pants.

  2. Glad you guys have a plan you're rolling with! Good luck this round! I've got my fingers crossed for you.

  3. Wine has gotten me through several failed cycles. Good stuff.

    Good luck with this next round. I'm sending you lots of good thoughts. Go ovaries!

  4. Hooray for a plan! We did all of our IUI cycles back to back, it just felt right for us. So glad to hear you're jumping back in!

  5. Yayyyyyyy for a plan!! Girl after our 1st unsuccessful IUI, we did the same thing... Get back out there! :) I'm so happy that u have such a wonderful positive attitude! I admire that :) blessings are coming your way ... Hang in there!!


  6. You are one tough cookie! Hang in there and Layla is happy to have you hold her anytime. :)

  7. Yay wine! and Yay plan!
    Crossing all appendages for this cycle!


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