Friday, May 13, 2011

A (wo)Man with a Plan

Thank you, Kaiser Fertility Dept nurse. We are now friends.

  • You didn’t label me “crazy” for calling in crying about how there’s no way I can have an HSG done this cycle because I’ll be out of town during the window of opportunity.
  • You wished me a happy vacation and cared enough to ask where I was going even though we’re never met!
  • You returned my phone call w/in an hour of me leaving a message.
  • You came up with a clear plan of action that makes sense for the constraints we have to work with this cycle.
  • You didn’t declare this cycle (which hasn’t started yet but better effing start soon my boobs may fall off otherwise) a FAILURE BEFORE IT EVEN STARTS even though you easily could have.
  • You had a nice voice.
So yeah, CD48 CD49 (thank you stupid blogger meltdown yesterday) here. I must be a champ at producing whatever hormone causes luteal phase boob-age pain ‘cause MAN! Wowsers. (anyone know who I can blame for this?) I leave for the Continental Divide and Great Mid-West in one week. So I can’t have my darned HSG done. Reproductive Fail.

The nurse, however, was super helpful and made me feel better. She suggested I go in for the bloodwork they ordered in the next few days, preferably on the first day of my period when it does come but at the very least before I leave. Have Dr Boy go in* for his SA while I’m gone because Hey! Three days w/o hanky panky will be easy peasy then! (in theory, of course, if it’s not, we have bigger problems than the ‘ol baby makin’) Call them the day I get back (Memorial Day which they are OPEN for, another plus in the I love them column) and let them know what CD I’m on and we’ll come up with a plan for this cycle then. She even said (gasp!) that they might go ahead and do an IUI this cycle!!! Holy crapballs I’m excited. Finally DOING SOMETHING THAT MIGHT PRODUCE A BAYBEEEEEE. There’s no guarantee the Dr will do anything like that w/o the HSG results, but they should at least SEE me which they wouldn’t have otherwise.

So, yeah. I am happy. I kinda want AF to wait a few more days now (boob pain and all) so I’ll be back for the big ovulating show! I know I thought this cycle was a wash, but the hope that maybe it’s not, that maybe I won’t have to sit though another POINTLESS 50 day cycle is incredibly hopeful. And I have needed a big fatty dose of hope recently. Real Bad.

*Dr Boy works at (duh!) a hospital. Does he
a) produce his sample at home and bring it in, running the risk of things dying on the commute
b) produce his sample in his office with a locked door, turning it in a mere few minutes after the deed has been done.

Answers please!!! A) May be a bad sample, but B) may be too creepy. He’s a pediatrician for godssake.

**forgive the weird font-age going on, i have no idea how to fix it thx.

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  1. I vote in the office, even though it is creepy. A good sample means he won't have to do it again.



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