Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Guess who doesn't have The Clap?

This girl!

But let me start at the beginning. I went to the lab yesterday to have my two-days-before-HSG-urine-pregnancy-test. Because yeah, I'm pretty sure I'm pregnant. I mean, I just finished my period, and I'm seeing a fertility doctor, but hey! Let's get ANOTHER test that says what we already know. Kindof felt like a slap in the face, but whatever, had to be done. So the phlebotomist (how much fun is that word) saw that there were some blood tests waiting to be done as well, so did I want to take care of them while I was there? I had mentioned that the clinic had wanted them done 8-hrs fasting, but she said that none of the tests were ones that needed fasting for.

So I did them. My veins were uncharacteristically easy to prick (probably b/c of all the water I chugged so that I could pee on command) and the blood was drawn in no time. I would officially like to take this phlebotomist and put her in my pocket so that I have her around next time I need blood drawn. It's usually so bad they just use the back of my hand. So yeah, this was a cake walk.

But I went home and checked paperwork and stuff, and it DOES say to fast before the tests. So now I'm annoyed. I called and left a message for the IF clinic to see what they want me to do, but I have a feeling they'll just send me back tomorrow morning to have the tests done over again. Oy vey. It's my own fault, but still annoying.

On to the syphillis. 

I got an email today saying some of my lab results were in, and the first one I looked at was a test called "TREPONEMA PALLIDUM IGG + IGM". Which apparently is for the clap. Which I don't have- yay me! I'm very amused by these results the fact that I had a test for syphillis.

The second was prolactin (which may be off bc of the fasting deal), but came back at a 5 (standard range says 3-30). The third was TSH, which came back at a 0.11 (standard range 0.1-5.5). 

Right now, I'm on 75mcg synthroid, and 1500mg metformin daily.

So we'll see where we go from here. Aside from to the lab to have the HSG tomorrow afternoon. And probably back to the lab to have the bloodwork re-done.

Any thoughts on the fasting thing? Or helpful HSG hints? Thanks guys!

And now for something completely different. A gratuitous video of the pup.

I love this dog.

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