Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The next step

So…. Quite a few developments in the world this week! CD1 arrived a mere few hours after my last post- go figure! I left a message for the IF dept to beg and plead for kindly ask them to schedule the HSG for me next Thurs, even though it’s a little earlier than they like to do them. I never heard back, but it was Friday afternoon so I didn’t stress too much. They got in touch with me yesterday morning, and gave me a tentative thumbs up… I can’t do it if I’m still, umm, messy by Wed night. Plus they didn’t guarantee that the lab would perform a CD6 HSG, but that we might as well call and try. I like that attitude- not limiting yourself because they *might* not do it. I always feel like “you might as well ask,” and I’m glad that was their feeling too! Two MORE phone calls later, I have an appt set up for 1:45pm Thursday. 

Some observations:

- They said no food/drink 4 hrs prior to the procedure. That blows. I was planning on having lunch w/Dr Boy that afternoon, as the procedure was supposed to be done close to where he works, and so I can say goodbye before I leave for the Great Midwestern Adventure. Guess I’ll just be watching him eat, living vicariously through each of his carnivorous bites. 

- They also said to take 800mg motrin/ibuprofen about 1 hr before the procedure. With Food. I’m not sure how this math works. Any ideas?

- I get on a plane bound for the mile high city less than 5 hours after the whole shebang. Am I dumb?

That’s where things stand now. With CD1 on Friday, I get back to Dr Boy on CD17. I usually get a +OPK between CD15-21, so we’ll see what happens with that. I’ll be testing while I’m gone so I at least know. But who knows if I actually even am O-ing, or that the tubes are open, or that I’ve got good lining, or the right hormone balance. Basically, getting a +OPK means nothing to me any more. It’s just more data.

I’m glad things are moving. I’m looking forward to some time off work and my trip. I’m glad I get to have dye injected into my nether regions and pack panty liners so it’s not all eeeew on the trip.

 Any advice from ladies who have had this fantabulous procedure done are wholly welcomed! Thanks!

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