Thursday, May 19, 2011

I'm hungry

But I'm not allowed to eat.

The HSG is in 1 hr and 45 min. They said I couldn't eat for 4 hrs prior. I am nervous. Not of doing it, not of the pain, really. More because I'm afraid the pain afterwards will impair my ability to pack.

Pack, you say? Your flight leaves in 6 1/2 hours and you haven't packed yet? For a 10 day trip?

Yeah, that's how I roll. But the laundry is all done, the kitchen is clean, cookies and chocolate/pb cheerio bars have been made, and cameras have been charged. So that's a win, right? I even have a detailed packing list to go through when I get home so that I don't get all flipped out about the lack of time (and cramping) to get everything done.

I'll let 'cha all know how it goes. I doubt there's anything really wrong with my tubes or ute. Or at least, if there is, it's not the underlying problem. While I'm no RE, I don't think blockages or misshapen uteri prevent you from getting your period for two years without medication. This is just the next step. A required procedure in order to get an appt at the infertility dept. Which I will schedule as soon as I get back.

I did have to say goodbye to Dr Boy this morning when we left for work, as I'll be leaving before he gets home. (My awesome friend N is taking me to the airport. She also makes me run. But not to the airport, thankfully.) I got pretty choked up when we were saying goodbye, which is really like college-me, but hasn't been grown-up me for the last few years. It felt good to feel so emotional over it, which I know sounds weird. A lot of times in the last few years I've just felt numb through situations like that, and it felt so much like the old "me" in a good way that I cried harder.

(An aside: I am a huge X Files fan. At the end of Season Three, where the train car blows up that Mulder is in, I called N in hysterics screaming "He's dead!!!!!!!!!!!!! He's DEAD!!!!!!!!!" That's the kind of emotion I'm used to feeling.)

So Yay Tears. Yay HSG in less than 2 hours. Yay leaving for an awesome trip with grad school friends being a huge geek for the next 10 days.

Boo packing. Boo impending HSG cramps (but yay pain meds that Dr Boy has leftover from his appendectomy if I need them... hehehehe). Boo likely being 1500 miles away from Dr Boy during my next positive OPK.

Ummmmmm yeah. Oh, and if you're reading this, could you kindly "follow" me? I'd love to know who is so that I can do the same. And not feel like I'm talking to myself. Which I do, but I usually leave that for the comfort of my own home.

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