Tuesday, February 21, 2012

No Bueno (6dp6dt)

Before I get to it, could you guys go over and give Jenny some love today? She went in for an ultrasound at 9 weeks and found out her baby no longer has a heartbeat. This is hers and Jeff's third loss. This week has been just an awful one for everyone out there in the trenches, and I'm hoping beyond hope that this streak comes to a quick halt.

So it's not looking good, folks. I'm a pee-er. Even after last time, where I decreed that early testing is the devil, I continue to be a pee-er. I have, however, amazed myself with my resolve this time around. Rather than peeing at a paltry 5dp5dt, I held out until 6dp6dt. Go me, right?

To be honest, the wait wasn't all that bad, since I had a lot of things working in my favor this time. I have the sore boobs, but that's progesterone so we'll throw that out. My sense of smell has been heightened since Friday night, when I smelled Dr Boy's glass of wine from halfway across the house. (that could just be me detoxing though :) ) The next night, I knew the INSTANT one of the cats used the litter box. Smells are still getting to me a lot stronger and quicker than normal. The uterine cramping also started Friday night (2dp6dt), and has pretty much been there on and off whenever I stand or move around too much. It's pretty isolated to the lowest quadrant of my belly, and is stronger on the left side. I've also started to get some of the heartburn back. It was particularly bad when I was taking the estradiol tabs orally, but now that they're going up my bizness it had, until the last two days, gone away.

So yeah. Boobs, Super Sniffer, Cramping, and Heartburn. Oh, and the ABSOLUTE NEED to take a nap by 4 or 5pm.

So I tested this morning, thinking I had this one in the bag. Well, I may have it in the bag, but it's just not revealing itself yet. We'll see tomorrow when I have my beta drawn, but I'm having my doubts.

Do you know how difficult it is to reconcile two competing thoughts in your head? The knowledge that "of course it worked this time", combined with "don't be stupid your ute is still empty", add up to quite the headache.

I'm not letting go of the "of course", because I think the positivity will do us some good.

But I'm also not letting go of the "don't be stupid", so I don't crash and burn as fantastically as I did last time. Ha. Like I could prevent that.


  1. I'm sending you lots of happy positive thoughts for tomorrow. Fingers crossed!!!

  2. Don't let go of the "of course". Not yet!

    Side note: first thing I noticed was that my pee smelled funny. Does your pee smell different?

    1. Ha! That reminds me of Away We Go.

      Fingers are crossed for you JM!

  3. Still remaining optimistic for you, friend! Hope tomorrow's beta is positive!

  4. I'm still hoping it works out for you!!!

  5. Good luck!!! It is what it is at this point. We need some good news out here in blog-land, so they better give you some good news!

  6. STOP driving your self nuts !!! ( SMILE ) I had a negative at 13 days then bought a good test and BAM ! its as a positive !

  7. Dont' trust those things!!! There have been way to may negatives and positive blood tests. Best of luck!!!!

  8. Oooh, I can't wait to hear! Sense of smell was the first my first "symptom." Really, really hoping it's yours, too.

  9. Evil pee sticks!! I was glad I didn't use any this time around because who knows whether they would have been positive or negative, even the day before my beta. I REALLY hope you get good news tomorrow. Those symptoms sound promising to me!

    Thinking of you!

  10. Thank you for your support, it means a lot. I'll be praying you get good news today.

  11. Those symptoms all sound so, so promising. But g-d it that your tests aren't telling you the same thing. I know that horrible back and forth in your head of how you should think to protect yourself from devastation but how you should think to keep your hopes high enough to make sure those embabies stick. It is sickening. Thank goodness you know today and please God let it be positive. If its not you should consider contacting me so I can book a flight to come give you a big hug and down a few bottles of wine. Praying for you! Xoxo.


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