Wednesday, February 15, 2012

All A'board

Everything went beautifully!

After waking up on the late side, Dr Boy made me a nice peanut butter chocolate protein shake and we headed off to pre-transfer acupuncture. Very relaxing... Almost better than the Xanex I took after!

We then went to our clinic which ushered us pretty quickly back into the transfer room. I got to show off my embryo socks... Nothing says "Stick, babies stick!" quite like silver sparkly polka dots, right?

Clearly not my ankle's most flattering view
Our RE came in and gave us the great news- they thawed two AA embryos... and both survived perfectly! No fragmentation, and they even saw continued growth and cellular differentiation between the morning thaw and mid-day transfer. They're alive... Score!! The transfer went seamlessly, with less pain inserting the catheter through the cervix than last time around. I love our clinic. Dr S was so warm today and answered any and all questions I had, and my nurse gave me a little good luck gift! She came in at the end, teared up, and asked if we wouldn't mind if she prayed for us- so so sweet of her and incredibly thoughtful. I really do love our clinic. We relaxed in the room for a half an hour or so, then headed back for post-transfer acupuncture. I totally fell asleep during that one, but am glad we did it.

So I'm officially in the TWW.

0 dp 6 dt.

God I hope this works. I want all of the heartbreak of these last 8 weeks to be worth something. I have gone through so much, emotionally, let so many balls drop, damaged friendships, and I have to hope that it won't be for nothing. Or irreparable, for that matter. Other than relaxing and getting at least one of these darned embryos to stick, I have a couple of important people to make amends with, because above all else?

None of this matters if I don't have people to share it with.

Meet our take 2 embies... Hundreds of differentiated
AA cells, just waiting to be our kids... They're so much
bigger than last time! So many more cells!!!


  1. Those are some nice looking embryos! Snuggle in little babes!!!

  2. I have been obsessively researching embryo quality this week as mine develop and WOW! Those guys look textbook! I have everything crossed for you and your embabies!

  3. Yay!! Your embies are beautiful and they thawed so nicely. So happy for you. Good luck surviving your 2WW. Do you think you will POAS?

  4. Oh my gah! Those are beautiful! And by those, of course I mean your socks.

    Because your embies? Those are gooooohgeous, darlin', just gooooohgeous.

    Everything crossed for you!

  5. Your embryos are beautiful! I'll be sending them lots of sticky thoughts. :)

    P.S. The socks are AWESOME.

  6. Thinking lots of sticky thought for you!! I love the socks. They really do look like little embryos!

  7. Pretty little embabies! I am so happy that they both picked up right where they left off.
    good luck!

  8. Love the socks! Good luck to you and your embabies!

  9. Good luck!! I feel so good about those embies

  10. Yea for an excellent transfer. Many prayers coming your way!!! Stick embabies STICK!!!

  11. what beautiful embryos! i hope your TWW goes by quickly and successfully, and that you are able to make amends with the people you need to. good luck!

  12. It's all in the socks! So glad everything is starting so well!


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