Sunday, February 26, 2012

A *little* pregnant (3rd beta)

Whoever said it wasn't possible to be a *little* pregnant was clearly lying. Or had never experienced a chemical pregnancy or low beta.

I got my third beta back today- 14. It doubled perfectly. But really, that's little consolation. To recap:

7dp6dt:   Beta less than 5
9dp6dt:   Beta 7
11dp6dt: Beta 14


- It would appear that the Wondofo hpt's from amazon can detect a beta as low as 14. And look like this:
Trust me. It's there.

- While it doubled in a timely fashion, it is still terribly low for this point. (14 at 17dpo)
- It may have been a late implanter, but I'm hesitant to believe that an embryo can last a full week in utero without implantation.
- I know FET embies can take longer, but this is still outside of window.
- What kind of quality are we looking at for something producing such little hcg?
- Did I end up with a mother effing ectopic?
- I'm keeping my expectations realistic. I know there is still a very small chance we will take home a baby as the result of this attempt. Very, very small.

I'm still waiting on the RE to call back with explanations and instructions. If we don't hear anything, I guess I'm continuing the PIO and estrace supps. Fun. And probably getting another beta Tuesday.

All I wanted today was an answer. I wish we had one.


  1. I can't even begin to imagine how you are feeling with this crazy limbo. I guess all you can do is 'hang in there'. Dang this roller-coaster ride! Give her an answer already! *hugs*

  2. That sucks!! I'm hoping you get some more answers soon. When I read about low HCG levels I read that sometimes FET embryos can be later to implant. I'm hoping things work out soon! Beta hell sucks!!

    1. Yeah, I've heard that too. I still think this is just ridiculous late, but we'll see. It's pretty far off the charts for any viable pregnancy, even from FETs.

  3. What in the world? What is the deal? It sure would be nice for them to be able to tell you what's happening. I am supposing it's a chemical, but maybe there is a chance?
    This process can be SO stressful!

  4. Balls! I know the feeling of just wanting the answer- hopefully Tuesday sheds a little light on what's going on.

  5. Insist on an ultrasound on Tues. IF this is ectopic, it could be very bad. So sorry you are in beta limbo :(

  6. The only thing I can say, and it's absolutely no help at all, is I have had this experience three times. It's a very hard place to be stuck in because nobody on earth understands being "a little bit" pregnant. I feel for you and I really want you to know that I honestly do understand how you are feeling right now. It's one of the hardest feelings in the world.

    Hopefully it will turn out to be a slow grower, but - no matter what - I hope you are ok.

  7. so sorry sweetheart! i wish you had your answer and i wish it was a good one. sending lots of hugs your way!

  8. F.....I'm so sorry you are stuck in limbo. I hope your doc calls with some info and some advice.

  9. God, this is such a mind fuck! I'm so sorry you're stuck being "a little bit pregnant" right now. Hoping you get some answers soon!

  10. Oh jeez. What a limbo mind fuck. There is always a chance. Stranger things have happened. Stay positive as best you can. And I agree that you should demand an u/s on Tuesday.

  11. Oh my gosh, this is ridiculous. I'm keeping good, healthy thoughts for you. *hugs*

  12. Huh. Well, I think the person who most needs to weigh in on this is the RE... let us know what you hear, and hang in there. Sometimes life feels like being part of a bizarre performance art piece.

  13. I've not experienced something like this, but OMG! I think I would be going crazy right now. Keeping you in my thoughts and hoping for the best!

  14. I hope you get some closure soon and you get out of this limbo hell. :( I'm sorry.

  15. Popping over from Stirrup-Queens. I feel for you, not getting a definitive answer is an awful kind of limbo.

    Hoping that your RE takes a position on what to do and that this pregnancy is not ectopic.

  16. The waiting is horrid! Praying this is not a chemical and that it is a late starter. But I understand remaining cautiously hopeful as well! ♥

  17. HFS lady. This is unreal. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you anyway. PS This is BU.

  18. Any update??? Thinking of you constantly and hoping for the miracle baby.

  19. Been thinking about you.. crossing my fingers you've been quiet because you are working up a story of awesome news. *HUGS*

  20. I can't wait until I hear someone use the expression about the impossibility of being a little pregnant because I am going to respond, "actually you can be a little pregnant. you see, I've got this friend..."

    Your body is really creating some excellent posting topics for you. I know that's now what you're looking for, but still, it is. I'm coming back for more when you post again!


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