Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Why I'm a crappy blogger

A list, shall we? I like lists.

1. Because I don't think I really have anything interesting to say. There isn't a perspective I can bring to the table that someone else out in the blog-o-sphere hasn't already voiced more eloquently, more humorously, or more insightfully. Trust me, I've spent the better part of... oh... 5 hours today reading posts.... and countless hours yesterday, and the day before, and the day before. There are so many inspirational writers out there, how can I possibly measure up? Oh well. I'm going to do it anyways because it feels good.

2. Because I don't have entertaining things happen to me often enough. It's just me, Dr Boy, a recovered diabetic cat, a loudmouth cat with a minor heart murmur, and an insecure dog. Sure, Dr Boy and I are TTC, and that might be entertaining enough for some to read about, so I need to remind myself that some of my favorite blogs are ones that simply state the reality of life, however mundane, exciting, or disappointing.

3. Because I have crappy ovaries. Why does that make me a crappy blogger? Not so sure. But it does piss me off so that's good enough.

So yeah, ultimately, I'm going to put forth a whole lot more effort here, and maybe, just maybe, someone will read this that isn't mu best friend since high school. 'Cause she HAS to like me. Right, Mrs Viper? Right? Right?

Stay tuned for more updates about our fertility... or lack thereof. And maybe I'll stop lurking on blogs, and actually comment on them! Crazy!

Because I know you're on the edge of your seat, I'll hold you over with a picture. Enjoy!

Our neurotic insecure puppy. Four year old puppy, that is.

A Dr. Boy and his dog... gotta love it.


  1. You are not ridiculous! I whole-heartedly approve and request much more blogging! BTW, that is one awesome puppy picture!


  2. I always feel like my most uninteresting posts are the ones people like. It's weird because I don't feel all that entertaining or interesting either. But blogging does make me feel better so I guess that's a plus.
    And um hello? Recovering diabetic cat and insecure dog? Just those words are funny! :)

  3. You DO have something fascinating to say if you remember hearing your parents' mattress squeak one Saturday morning. Good God, that is ripe with potential blog post. It may gross you out, but it is fertile blogging material (no disgusting pun intended).

    Thanks for stopping by my blog - glad I could conjure up disturbing childhood memories for you!

    And I'm following you now. Get writing! AP

  4. Wow. I had forgotten that story. It just came roaring back.


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