Monday, January 31, 2011

End of Week One!

Well hellooooooo, fellow McFatty's. While I love the number on the scale, I don't really feel like I earned it. I think rather than actually losing nearly 3 pounds this week, I might have been artificially heavy last week. Maybe I needed to poo? I swear, poo is heavy ;) Yep, I just went there.

What'd I do right this week?
1. Didn't drink- I love me some vino with dinner (and after, and after that...), and I abstained. All week. Of course, I'm on day 11 of the TWW, so there were other motives for that one...
2. Took all my meds on schedule- We all know how easy it is to miss here or there (or maybe it's just me who turns a 7 days course of antibiotics into 9?) but I made a good concerted effort to keep on them. Mostly, this was motivated again by the TWW and taking a prenatal, but the metformin sure helps deal with carbs! To keep track, I put my daily stash into small pillbox in the morning, and took them from there whether I was at home or not. No excuse of "I forgot them at home" or "can't remember if I did or not" when you have them with you at all times and know if they're missing!
3. Started slamming water like it's going out of style. The fake Nalgene I bought when I realized I forgot one on a vacation last summer has come into heavy rotation again. I try to drink most of my water from it, again, for accountability. And to have it with me wherever I am so I don't have the "but bottled water is waaaaay overpriced" excuse. (I'm cheap. Or frugal? Which one is less obnoxious? Or am I obnoxious?) Right now I'm going for 64oz each day (2 bottles/day).

Things I did wrong?
1. Pizza and cake at my work going away party. It would have been rude not to, right?
2. Spinach artichoke dip and spanikopita to celebrate one of my last midnight shifts. My colleague brought it in, and again, far-be-it for me to be rude, right?
3. I bought ice cream. For Sunday/family night dessert. And because it was really cheap. And delicious.
4. Didn't start using my calorie counter.

So I aim to work on those things I did wrong, but I know I won't. I'm helping a good friend celebrate her 30th birthday in Colorado this weekend. Which equates to four nights of drinking, and three days of skiing. Or learning to ski. Which is more like falling a lot. Maybe the exercise (of which I'm sorely lacking right now) will counteract the drunk?

I guess I won't be drunk this weekend if I get exciting news courtesy of my pee tomorrow. If that's the case, this weekend will be a piece of cake to handle! If not, I can drink my pain under the socially acceptable guise of celebrating the end of my friend's 20s.

Today I weigh: 178.2 lbs (net loss 2.8lbs)
Today my BMI is: 27.1
Goal: 165 lbs (wedding weight!!!!)
Goal BMI: 25.5
By When? April 24th

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  1. Good job!!

    & you're right, it would have been totally rude ;) Kind of like today for me, when it would be totally rude not to have a slice of cake at our office's service awards. Right?


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