Wednesday, January 26, 2011

8DPO, don't 'cha know

So according to a little fancy pee stick, I ovulated last Tuesday, which would put me at 8DPO today. I know you're supposed to behave like you're pregnant during the TWW, but I'm bad and have had a few cans of Cherry Coke Zero. You can't hold it against me though- I'm on night shifts this week. My very last night set of night shifts before moving to a job with all days. Halle-freakin-lujah. Besides, caffeine doesn't really count between the hours of 10pm and 5am. I can justify the caffeine by saying that surely my zygote hasn't implanted yet, right? Right?

And let's be honest- this is only the second cycle my body has produced on its own. So there's not much chance of it being successful. I mean, I ovulated on CD21, for godssake. That can't be a really fertile day to ovulate, right? I remember reading something about late ovulators having bad eggs... I should look it up but I'd rather convince myself that this cycle is futile. Leave it to my lazy ovaries to show up to the party late.

I don't FEEL preggo, though I don't really know what that feels like. I haven't had any implantation spotting, my stomach is feeling a wee bit crampy this morning, but it's probably from the spanikopita my coworker forced me to eat, you know, in the spirit of party-time-last-nights-working-together. I swear I'm being good food-wise the rest of the time. My boobs are sore, but that happened the last time I cycled on my own. Sore through the whole freakin' luteal phase. The last few days before my period, I had to hold the girls as I walked down stairs, the only alternative to wearing a sports bra permanently. Oh, and did I mention my last luteal phase lasted 27 days? For realz. That's a lotta sore boob-ness.

So let's hope that I haven't over-caffeinated the hypothetical brand new baby in my belly. The one I don't want to say I hope is there because I don't want to be disappointed again. The one I feel numb about hoping for, because it's easier to stay neutral than sob when you take the HPT on day 14. Which I'll do anyways 'cause that's how I roll.

God I'm whiny and anal-retentive.

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  1. oh goodness, I NEVER act like I could be pregnant and I probably drank 3 bottles of wine and a case of beer this weekend. Let's hope I'm not!

    Thank you so muchfor your kind words on my blog this week. Losing my friend has been incredibly difficult, and will continue to be this way, but having the support of you and everyone out here makes it so much easier.

    Oh, and you were right, my packaged goods were delectable and enjoyed/laughed about by all our houseguests!


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