Sunday, January 30, 2011

12 DPO. Is it Tuesday yet?

Last set of night shifts? Done.

Office Farewell party? Done.
(Side note: Thank you to my boss, for the lovely office gifts. While the dinner gift card will be awesome, I did not need a beanie with our work logo. Promise. Or a poster of the state of California.)
(Second side note: I swear I'm not an ingrate. Just judgey.)

Peeing On a Stick? Not quite yet.

I can't say I'm afraid of seeing another negative, just more expectant. My boobs feel like they've taken on a life of their own this week. I swear, I woke up yesterday afternoon (night shifts = sleeping 'til 2pm.... errr 3pm), they felt so engorged that they could have had their own orbit. And sore. They're still as "hold me when I go down stairs" attention whorey as they were before, too. But like I said before, that is the plague of my luteal phase. Otherwise, no preggo feelings. No nausea, no spotting. No nothing.

So I'm sure Tuesday won't bring any surprises.

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