Saturday, January 22, 2011

So hot you're cool, so cool you're hot

$10 points to the reader that can name that 80's band!! ( crickets chirping, because I have, like, two followers... Who are awesome and I love you by the way)

So Dr Boy and I were talking after I.... ummm... may have traded a favor to get out of a chore. Don't judge. Here's how the conversation went:

DB: Why is it so cold all of a sudden at night? We just had a ton of hot nights recently!

Me: Really? I'm pretty sure I just gave you a hot night! Plus I just ovulated, so five out of the last seven nights were steamy too!

DB: No no!!! I meant the weather!! The weather!!

Me: Oh. I thought you were complaining that I left my shirt on.

And to think guys get the bad rap for thinking about sex all the time.

edited: I was singing that song later, and Dr Boy is convinced I made it up.


  1. General Public.

    I believe you owe me 10 points. :)


  2. Yeah, baby! Do you accept credit?


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