Friday, December 31, 2010

The Good, the Bad, and the Crampy

We'll start with the good, shall we?
1. I weighed myself this morning, and it's the lowest I've been since.... ummm... well... probably in three years. At least. This is an exciting development, especially with the plateau I've been dealing with for the last three weeks.
2. I got my period yesterday. In case you were counting (which of course you were! Why wouldn't you be tracking my cycle?), that would have given me a 48 day cycle. Jeez louise. I had all but given up hope of having good 'ol Aunt Flo come to town on her own accord. I berated myself for slacking on the diet this month, for eating too much sugar, for not working out enough. I was depressed about having come so far only to take steps backward. But alas, cycle Day One was yesterday, and I am a happy camper. Oooh, this also makes the low weigh-in today exciting because I'm always chunkier this time of the month.
3. Oh yeah, did I mention I got a NEW JOB? Dr Boy and I are officially moving on up in the world... or at least up in the state. I am terrified, thrilled, nervous, confident, and relieved. And a few other things, but #2 definitely explains why I bawled on Wednesday when the news arrived. I really can't wait for the job to start, to get a sense of fulfillment back when I go to work. And, one my best friends will be a quick jog away, which is fantastic.

And, onto the bad...
1. I got my period yesterday. This means that last cycle, I didn't get preggers. Officially. As if the negative pregnancy tests screaming "NOT PREGNANT" weren't enough to convince me. This really sucked, to put it bluntly, because I had convinced myself the tests were just wrong. I had spotting 10 days after the positive OPK, which I chalked up to implantation bleeding. I was exhausted, way more than normal. And my boobs ached so much I couldn't walk down stairs without fondling myself. I have no idea what all that meant now, other than maybe I need to hit up the Victoria's Secret sale to pick up a new bra or two. Depressing.
2. I'm moving. I'm terrified for a lot of reasons. Did I make the wrong decision? Is leaving my family 400 miles away the wrong move for someone trying to have her first child? I feel terribly guilty about leaving. Plus, there's the renting our condo part, which is going to be a headache. Hopefully not, but probably so.

And last, the crampy...
1. I got my period yesterday. I have cramps. I have years worth of cramps, rolled up into one tidy few days that make my stomach feel like it's ripping itself out of my body.

That's all.

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