Monday, December 6, 2010

Poor baby.

This is Vesta's right ear. Back when we were pricking her ears 6 to 12 times a day (yeah, we were seriously doing it that much), the red marks weren't as big. Or maybe her whole ear was just red? Or maybe we were just delusional and tried to convince ourselves that were weren't imposing cruel and unusual punishment on our firstborn.

This is Vesta's left ear. Not quite as bad. Right? Right?? When (and if) you home-test blood glucose on a cat, the ears have to "learn" to bleed over time. And if you stop testing obsessive-compulsively, they forget. As you can see.

So now she's just going to vomit up little pieces of Christmas tree to get back at us.
Happy Holidays to us!

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  1. Good call on vomiting Christmas tree, Vesta. I think Nero would approve.


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