Friday, December 3, 2010

Relapse? Let's hope not.

Seeeeriously? A more superstitious person (AKA Dr. Boy) would think that Vesta decided to go and be diabetic again because she knew we just sold and/or donated most of her diabetes supplies.

Long story short, Dr. Boy came home from work tonight to Vesta hanging out in the cat tree, not budging even to come down and eat. If you've ever met Vesta, you know she's a food-monger for which this is completely uncharacteristic behavior. He pried her out of the tree, plopped her in front of the food, but she'd only touch a few bites. Out comes the evil Ear Pricker, and low and behold- her blood sugar was spiked up into the high 200's. (When she went off the juice, she was holding that down between 60 and 90).

So.... we'll see where she's at tomorrow... and hope she got into some food she wasn't supposed to when we weren't home.

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