Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Yes I would like cheese with that (stim day 10)

I really hate complaining (who am i kidding i love complaining and i'm good at it), but hot damn I'm uncomfortable. It really started setting in yesterday, and combined with a wanding this morning, I'm positively done. I'm mentally done stimming, done waiting, done hoping it all goes well. Done taking 12 doses* of meds each day, done being sore and sedentary and out of energy. Done not being able to poo, not being able to pee without taking breaks for my oves to re-adjust, done done done.
Whiny Mc Whinerson

But whatever. Based on the u/s and b/w, we should be triggering tomorrow. I can make it until Saturday. Somehow.
Follies, follies galore!
My oves are large and in charge, with tons of good sized follies on each. They're generally 14-16mm right now, and giving me an e2 of 2682. We like these numbers. We like them a lot. We're going to squeeze in another visit with Mr Wanderful tomorrow, and hopefully will trigger tomorrow night. I'm not wholly convinced the trigger is going to happen, but Dr S seems to think that a) they're going to grow like weeds overnight, and b) there isn't a whole lot of ovarian real estate for them to get much over 18-19mm anyways since there are so damn many. I get that. And I can get behind that plan :)
Clickity Click Click

They tested my progesterone today too, to make sure nothing was popping off on its own. It came back at 0.9, which was a good indicator that the ganirelix was doing its job at keeping everyone in place. Funny enough, the ganirelix also gave me a large itchy red welt this am, so I think I shall fire it after tomorrow. Hopefully.
PDLAMBLATI**- more oldies but goodies!
(come on, a girl can only find so many fun socks!)

Wish us luck tomorrow... I can only take this for so much longer!!!

* am: synthroid, C0Q10, follistim, ganirelix
   eve: menopur
   pm: prenatal, extra folic acid, fish oil, melatonin, metformin, baby aspirin, C0Q10

** PDLAMBLATI- please don't look at my business look at these instead


  1. It sounds like it is time to hop on the Gatorade/protein train! Hang in there... only a few more days and then they'll suck all of those beasts outta there :)

  2. I'm sorry you're so uncomfortable. For what it's worth, you're doing so well and I'm so happy to hear that everything is growing. Hang in there and fingers are crossed for the retrieval!!

  3. Ugh I hate the tail end of stimming and all the uncomfort. Only a few more days to go! So exciting! Sending you lots of luck!

  4. You're making such great progress - hang in there!

  5. Things are looking up! Good luck with tomorrow's follicle tracking. :)

  6. Best. Post title. Ever!
    Hoping you get lots and lots of eggies!
    Crossing fingers, toes, and eyes. :-P

  7. During IVF #1 I was walking around like an old lady because I was so uncomfortable! Hang in there - just a couple more days to go and you'll have tons of great eggs becoming embryos!!

  8. Good luck!! I'll be having my retrieval tomorrow! We're going for quality over quantity this time. We just need one (maybe 2 or 3) good embryos that actually implant. Thinking of you!


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