Thursday, June 28, 2012

Book Review- What Alice Forgot (& still ktfu)

Still pregnant until proven otherwise!

The FRERs are definitely getting darker, but it seems like the cheapest have stayed the same for a bit. Hmmm.  The beta is in the morning, so we'll see what we see!
I am still in shock that MY PEE did this
I am a smidge worried I may be developing a late onset ohss, but it could just be normal blood and eating too much bribery food (add red velvet cupcakes and Ben and Jerry's new flavor peanut butter world to the list of embie-staying powers!) I should weigh myself in the am.



I was selected to be a part of another BlogHer book club! This time we read "What Alice Forgot" by Liane Moriarty. It tells the tale of a 39-year old divorced mother of three  who takes a nasty spill at the gym, only to wake up thinking she was still 29, pregnant with her first, and blissfully in love with her husband. It is mostly told from Alice's perspective, but also artfully weaves in letters written by her sister and stand-in grandmother to add perspective.

Honestly, this was not really the best book to read during an IVF two week wait. The storyline involving Alice's sister is centered around  numerous IVF failures and repeated baby loss. This made the first half of the book (and much of the second) very difficult and emotional to read. The author  clearly had insight into the IF world- she truly captures the chaeracters emotions, reactions, and others reactions to her absolutely perfectly. Too perfectly, almost, so it stung. Great idea to read while hopped up on IVF meds yourself, right?

The second half really did rescue the novel. Alice's growth was amazing, and really made you wonder which version of herself she was better off living- the jaded divorce with everything under her strict control, or the carefree and careless twenty-something who admittedly had some growing up to do.

I am torn on whether to recommend this one. It is, overall, a great book. Even if it took me a while to get hooked. But if you have some hefty IF and baby loss triggers? Maybe not. I wouldn't put yourself through that.

This was a paid review for the BlogHer Book Club but all opinions expressed are my own.


  1. I'm still so stinking happy for you! I hope there is nothing but fabulous news tomorrow- grow baby(ies) GROW!!!

  2. There is nothing more beautiful than a progression of darkening pee sticks! I am very happy for you and so glad that your gut feeling was spot on. Best wishes for smooth sailing from here on out!

  3. Fingers crossed for a great beta today! And FWIW, I continued to test for several days with my cheapies, and they didn't seem to get dramatically darker either.

  4. I think your tests look entirely normal - my Wondfos seemed to get darker in jumps, then stay the same for a day or two, then darken again. As long as they're not super light and getting lighter, I think you have every reason to hope for a good test result today! Good luck!

  5. I know nothing about pee sticks, but it all looks good!

    I want in book club. I need to force myself into some good reading.


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