Thursday, June 7, 2012

My Ovaries Suck. (Stim Day 4)

I know we've established this fact on many, many occasions, but I still need to put this out there- my oves suck big fatties. It's just today, when they were supposed to put on a good show for me and Dance! Dance my pretties, dance! they didn't.

We had our first ultrasound today for the Redux, and didn't see much. Lots of littles, with the biggest around 7mm max. Honestly, Dr S didn't even measure them and continued calling them "antral" follies. But fine, it's only stim day 4, I can handle that. We didn't even have an ultrasound until day 6 last time, so I didn't have anything to compare to.

Then my e2 results came back- a big, fat, whopping 62. Last time on stim day 4? We were 892.

Now before you get your panties all in a bunch and tell me that every cycle is different, I KNOW that. I know not to expect the same results, because clearly we don't WANT the same results. Last cycle didn't exactly work out the way we had hoped, so different is good.

It just seems (to me at least) that this is a bit *too* different to be good.

Dr S believes that the near-six months of birth control and FET's suppressed me more than we thought, and it's taking a little longer to get going. He doesn't believe that this will do anything other than delay retrieval by a day or two. Suck-tastic!

We were conservative with ordering meds since we cut doses so quickly last time, so now I need to order a ton more. We're going slowly so we don't end up with too much, but still. I had some incredibly generous donations from Lauren at Not Just An Army Wife and Jamie aka The Womb Warrior, which cut our medication bill WAY down. Thank goodness, because that part is going to get much more expensive than we had bargained for. And I'm cheap so this makes me angry.

Sigh. We're holding doses and re-checking on Saturday (rather than upping the dose and yo-yo-ing around with super high e2's that will probably come anyways).

Click Me! Click Me!

For you IVF vets out there- what were your e2 results on day 4 of stims? And how many days did you end up stimming for?


  1. I always try to find something positive or really kind to say but today I am throwing all that out the window to say what the fuck ovaries? Seriously I can see how you'd be frustrated and discouraged by them. They are kindof being assholes. I hope they start behaving soon.

  2. I didn't have a check till day 6 either, so I don't know. Are you on Bravelle? I have some leftover...

  3. IVF #1 didn't have my first scan until after 4 days of stims and my e2 was 249. That cycle I stimmed for 10 days but feel like I was triggered way too soon.

    IVF #2 after 4 days of stims my e2 was 649 but this was the cycle where at its highest my e2 was 7670. I had follicles ranging from 7-10 mm and I triggered on the 12th day.

    IVF #3 after 4 days of stims e2 was 469 and I had follicles in the 7-9 mm range. I triggered on the 13th day.

    I'm guessing though you would rather hear from people who have had successful cycles, because do you really want to compare your e2 levels to failed cycles? It does seem like yours is a bit low but I know I tend to do a lot of recruiting early in a cycle and it takes a while for them to mature. I hope your obarues pick up the slack soon! Not sure if I was helpful or not, but I tried : )

  4. Stubborn oves! I wish I had more medicine to donate to you. My first E2 was 247 but then 1,308 only two days later - we didn't change the dosage. I hope you see a good jump in numbers by your next appointment. Thinking about you!

  5. I never had E2 measured that early. IVF 1 was after about a week of stims and was 4,000, if I remember correctly. IVF 2 they never tested my E2. Good luck hon.

  6. My e2 was 88.9 :-) but they did up my follistim to 150 (from 75, still on 75 Menopur) then.
    Two days later it was over 1000! I only stimmed for 8 days, trigger on day 9 with e2 at 5000. Ended up with 20 eggies.
    So don't fret! Starting slow is okay, things can pick up super quickly. But I was all freaked out over my low e2 in the beginning too. :-)

  7. JM, I love your devotion to cold, hard data - and I also have to say that I think you're being very hard on yourself! Or your ovaries, anyway. I'm going to take the most optimistic view possible and say that they are doing the thing from the end of Never Been Kissed where Drew Barrymore is on that baseball diamond waiting to be kissed and the guy doesn't show and doesn't show and everybody gets all sad... and then bam! There he is! Lots of kissing! Yeah. They like the dramaz, remember? Hang in there!

  8. That seeeems low, but wtf do I know. I'd say just hold tight and wait for Saturday. Your ovaries might just be very groggy and sleepy from months of napping. Try to stay positive. I know it's hard. My ovaries suck balls, too.

  9. IVF #1: Stim Day 5- E2 was 257 and I stimmed for 11 days at varying doses.

    IVF #2: Stim day 4- E2 'looks good' whatever the eff that means, and by stim days 6 it was 700. This cycle I stimmed for 10 days.

    I don't think your E2 is at a horrible place, you could very well start producing and quickly doubling anytime. I'm looking forward to hearing what the next draw shows, I'm rooting for you!

  10. I am by no means an expert, and have the exact opposite problem as you. I never made any more than 3 eggs. But I will just say this, my 2nd doctor stressed time and time again, that it only takes one. I hope that you get better, more reassuring news on saturday and good luck with this cycle. I am really hoping that your journey ends here (on a good note!)

  11. I never asked for my E2 numbers. I didn't want to know all that. I did stim slowly though for like 12 days. They didn't want to risk OHSS with me because of my PCOS. Just hang in there hon. I know this is frustrating and nerve wracking, but you are so strong. Good luck on your next check!


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